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Are you getting married and want to share your sweetest moments with your family and friends? One of the best tools to create a special something for the event and also share the important details with your guests is a wedding website. A wedding website is not only a great way to tell your story but also can be used as an efficient and interactive wedding planning tool.

Designing and creating your own wedding website can be a fabulous way to connect with your near and dear ones, especially those that live far away from you. They can keep abreast of all the latest details and developments regarding the wedding and other wedding related events, through a fun and sweet medium.

When creating a website for your wedding, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to make it as informative and attractive as possible. List detailed descriptions of the functions and celebrations you plan on having. Attaching a brief story about the history of the ceremony or why it may be special to you is also a nice touch. Make sure you give accurate and detailed information about the timings, directions and dress code for the event; this is especially handy for those travelling from another destination and need to plan their schedules and also people not familiar with the said customs. Separate web pages for the different events make it more interactive.

Couples also spice up their websites with anecdotes of their love stories or write little notes about each other. You could also have a brief section on your childhoods, families and closest friends. Use tons of pictures that represent the happy moments in your lives. Another popular trend you can opt for is having a mini photoshoot for some beautiful pre-wedding pictures and display them on the website. Adding music to the website, especially some romantic melodies or songs that define you as a couple, is a great way to make it a complete multimedia experience. There are various wedding websites with ready templates as well to get you started, including those with a RSVP option.

Marry Me – The Wedding Planners, Mumbai can assist you in creating a wedding website that will leave everyone with a huge smile on their faces. Let us help you create the perfect medium to share wedding information and connect with your guests before your special day.

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