{ Getting Married in India: A Fun Lesson in Diversity }

getting married in India
marriage in India
married in India

India as a country is extremely difficult to define in a few words! It is a fascinating mix of a various kinds of cultures, religions, social norms and of course the highly colourful mix of people. If you travel from corner to corner of the country, you will see the vast diversity that characterizes this country that has shores kissed by the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean! It’s no wonder then that getting married in India is an experience unto itself.

Have you ever dreamt of an getting married in India? Marriages in India vary vastly from one part of the country to the next, sometimes even between states. The mélange of religions, faiths and intra-religious sects here have made it a melting pot in terms of what you can find. There’s something for almost everyone and everybody is made welcome. If you are getting married in India and want to have a religious ceremony fear not; you can choose the place according to the faith you are of or one whose ideologies you wish to be married by. Temples, churches, mosques, synagogues, Buddhist institutions etc., the country has them all.

Professional Marriage Planner In India

The fact that India looks significantly different and can be experienced in a multitude of ways geographically is another positive about planning your wedding here. Hiring a reputable professional marriage planner in India, from a big city like Mumbai, will help you turn your attention in the right direction as to what you have in mind for your big day and which part of the country best suits it. You can look at snow covered locales in the far north, beautiful beach destinations along the huge shoreline, bustling metropolitans that are small worlds by themselves, historic palaces set in the majestic desert and much, much more.

Getting married in India means you will have to brush up on the social and cultural norms of the country too, in order to truly experience what the country has to offer while not stepping on any toes. Working with a marriage planner can be a great boon, when planning a big event, in a country as fascinating and unique as India.

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