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Imagine exchanging your wedding vows against the backdrop of a stunning beach. Or, hosting your wedding in a majestic palace steeped in history, grandeur and romance surrounded by your closest friends and family. It may sound a bit far-fetched, unachievable even, but it’s a definitive trend that’s here to stay. An increasing number of couples have been opting for destination weddings in unique venues across the world. Of late, the rise in luxury resorts and hotels, top-notch cuisine, and good connectivity has contributed to this growing trend of destination weddings.Luckily, these factors havealso made planning a destination wedding a lot more doable, and definitely more enjoyable for the couple.

If you’re confused about whether you should go the international destination wedding route in the first place, there are a few questions you should ask yourself to help you seal the decision. For starters, a couple could figure out whether they would really love to get married at an international wedding destination — someplace close to their heart, a venue that holds special memories, a scenic beach where they would love to tie the knot with only their loved ones for witnesses? Secondly, will your friends and family be up to travel to this wedding destination for a few days, or in the case of a Big Fat Indian Wedding, maybe even a week? Will you and your better half be able to take a few days out every now and then to finalise details at the destination itself? Once you have the answers to these questions, everything will fall into place when planned in tandem with your destination wedding planner.

From the azure beaches of the Maldives and Mauritius and the ancient castles of Scotland and England, right to up to Japan’s beautiful venues dotted with cherry blossoms — the choices for wedding destinations are endless. An international destination wedding and parties planned in line with themes that suit the destination is yet another way to take things up several notches with your destination wedding planner. Think palace chic for a high tea, a tropical beach brunch, or a Turkish market-themed Mehendi ceremony! Weddings away from home also bring your loved ones together in a new destination for the wedding reception, ceremonies and parties.

Your destination wedding planner can also arrange for personal touches for guests at your destination wedding, which could include personal goodie bags, fun sightseeing jaunts and bulk booking discounts for travel and accommodation. Simply put, it’s easy to dream up and execute a destination wedding that’s fun not only for you both — the couple-to-be — but also for your guests.

We’ve listed some popular international wedding destinations, perennial favourites that play host to some of the most memorable weddings:

Destination Wedding in Thailand, Wedding Planner in Thailand

Destination weddings in Thailand offer something for all kinds of tastes. Whether you pick Thailand’s exotic islands like Phuket, gorgeous beaches like KohSamui, the lively city of Bangkok, or even the cool mountainous region of Chiang Mai, a wedding in this destination is as tranquil and exciting as they come.

Destination Wedding in Sri Lanka, Wedding Planner in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s palm-fringed coastline, tranquil beaches, rich culture, rolling tea plantations and mouth-watering local delicacies make it a truly unique wedding destination. Touches of its colonial past linger in every nook and corner of this relatively undiscovered gem of a country.

Destination Wedding in Mauritius, Wedding Planner in Mauritius

Mauritius has all the ingredients for a memorable wedding. Luxury hotels and resorts, lush gardens, venues that range from colonial plantations to beachside properties work together to make this one of the world’s top wedding destinations.

Destination Wedding in Turkey, Wedding Planner in Turkey

A country where East meets West, Turkey has enough cross-cultural appeal to make it the ideal wedding destination. From the fascinating city of Istanbul and the vibrant region of Bodrum, right up to the Turquoise Coast’s seaside towns and the surreal landscape of Cappadocia, Turkey has it all.

Destination Wedding in Indonesia, Wedding Planner in Indonesia

Indonesia has everything that you’d want your dream wedding to be. Its paradisiacal beaches, intimate and romantic venues, and spectacular natural backdrops make this the ultimate wedding destination for an event not far from home.

Destination Wedding in Hong Kong, Wedding Planner in Hong Kong

Hong Kong exudes an urban flair with the energy of a vibrant city coupled with a strong culture. Besides a range of luxury hotels with beautiful ballrooms and banquet halls, the city plays host to fantastic offbeat wedding venues including yachts, quaint chapels and, of course, the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

Destination Wedding in Bali, Wedding Planner in Bali

On the island of Bali in Indonesia, weddings are pure bliss. This popular wedding destination has it all —white-sand beaches, serene spas, rich culture and heritage, modern and traditional Asian and Continental gastronomy, and no shortage of idyllic spaces

Destination Wedding in Macau, Wedding Planner in Macau

Macau has fast become a favourite among couples opting for lively urban destination weddings not only because of the city’s grand hotels that make for some of the most memorable wedding venues, but also because of its beautiful Portuguese-influenced architecture, historic churches and quaint venues.

Destination Wedding in Singapore, Wedding Planner in Singapore

The well-planned island city packs in luxury hotels, quaint and modern architecture, botanical gardens, fantastic restaurants and shopping malls. Naturally, it plays host to more destination weddings than can be imagined.

Destination Wedding in Oman, Wedding Planner in Oman

Oman is so much more than just souks and sand. The Middle Eastern state is also known for its beautiful beaches, ancient forts and castles, well-preserved culture and cities that exude an old-world charm, all of which stand alongside luxury hotels, high-end malls and restaurants. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature at its best, including dolphin watching.

Destination Wedding in Maldives, Wedding Planner in Maldives

The Maldives,is known for white-sand beaches, tranquil spas and intimate wedding venues at some of world’s most exclusive resorts. This makes untouched island the perfect setting for a destination wedding like no other.

Destination Wedding in Malaysia, Wedding Planner in Malaysia

Malaysia has been a favourite for destination weddings with Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah in East Malaysia, being a popular choice. While Kota Kinabalu has opportunities for tranquil beachside, hillside and vibrant city weddings, the rest of Malaysia — in Penang, Langkawi and Kuala Lampur — also make for exotic venues for weddings. Sprawling luxury resorts, over 200 golf courses and an excellent selection of cuisine are yet a few other reasons for the its popularity.

Destination Wedding in Japan, Wedding Planner in Japan

From the untouched, private beaches of Okinawa to the vibrant city of Tokyo, destination weddings in Japan are guaranteed to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. That said — it’s pretty much everyone’s dream come true to tie the knot under the cover of the quintessential Japanese cherry blossom.

Destination Wedding in Cambodia, Wedding Planner in Cambodia

Destination weddings in Cambodia are always unique. The Southeast Asian country is known for its rich traditions, which can play a big role in wedding ceremonies. Besides, the breath-taking views of the Angkor Wat temple complex, lively nightlife, delicious cuisine and adventurous activities are some of the other reasons for Cambodia becoming one of the world’s top wedding destinations.

Destination Wedding in Vietnam, Wedding Planner in Vietnam

Vietnam makes for a truly offbeat wedding destination, thanks to its bustling cities, beautiful beaches, serene riverbanks, Buddhist and colonial landmarks and rich cultural traditions. Whether you’re up for a tropical beach wedding, one by the riverside or even high up in the cool mountains, Vietnam delivers it all.

Destination Wedding in Myanmar, Wedding Planner in Myanmar

Myanmar might not be a typical wedding destination, but we’ll have you know that the country makes for one of the most unbelievable backdrops for an intimate destination wedding thanks to luxury accommodations set against the historic backdrop of temples and pagodas.

Destination Wedding in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, Wedding Planner in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Rich cultural traditions coupled with an urban appeal, keen attention to detail and the height of luxury and hospitality work together to make Dubai and Abu Dhabi popular wedding destinations.

Destination Wedding in Bhutan, Wedding Planner in Bhutan

Bhutan’s majestic landscapes, hospitable people, picturesque venues and top-notch luxury hotels well equipped to handle your wedding preparations make this country a top pick for destination weddings.

Destination Wedding in Austria — Salzburg & Vienna, Wedding Planner in Austria — Salzburg & Vienna

The grandeur of Austria is best experienced in the quaint and beautiful city of Salzburg — the birthplace of Mozart and the setting for the film The Sound of Music. Vienna, the grand and opulent Austrian city is steeped in a mix of modern luxury and old-world charm. Luxury hotels, open-air markets, the world-famous Sacher Torte, palaces, cathedrals and fortresses make both cities unique places to host your destination wedding abroad.

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