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If you are planning a wedding in India from out of the country or even a different part of the nation from your chosen destination for the wedding, the chance to explore the area is too interesting to pass on! With destination weddings in the country becoming more and more popular, the concept of wedding tours in the India is slowly catching on. International citizens and NRIs wishing to have their wedding in the motherland are flocking to the country to have an exotic Indian wedding and take part in the rich cultural gems India has to offer.

Private Wedding Planning

India is such a mélange of sights, sounds, tastes and people. Not to mention a diverse geographical and cultural melting pot that is begging to be explored. A great idea for Indians residing abroad and people who haven’t been to this part of the world before,wedding tours in India are a fantastic way to get a fun holiday in as well as the nuptials. Marry Me – the Wedding Planners can help you conceptualize and plan a beautiful private wedding in India with a well planned itinerary and come up with the perfect options to explore the country while you are here.

You can put together a wedding tour in India that involves travelling as well as other arrangements for the wedding at a destination of your choice, and a leisure tour as well. Once the wedding is over you could plan to explore the city or nearby surrounding regions and even tour different parts of the country and the must-sees, if time permits. If you want to take some fabulous and out of the box wedding photographs at various locations of your choice and certain spots in the city or country, those can be arranged as well and combined with a tour of India after the wedding is done with. With the option of traditional and contemporary wedding tours in India, your wedding day will part of a larger, more pleasurable experience.

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