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Weddings are one of those major events in life that are intimate, joyous, emotional and so, so special. Then why plan an event, totally devoid of any unique flavour and personality? Many couples decide to opt for fixed wedding packages for their apparent ease or presumed cost benefits, completely stripping their big day of the special touches that speak of them, their tastes and styles.

Although comprehensive, a lot of these wedding packages offered today are off the rack solutions that pretty much end up in a cookie-cutter wedding. The same run of the mill venues, the same caterers providing the same food, similar decor and unfortunately even the same basic ambience of hundreds or even thousands of weddings before yours; not a very appealing prospect is it?!

A wedding is such a momentous once in a lifetime occasion, that it should be the one event that speaks to the both of you and talks about you as well. Whether you are planning on having a small intimate affair or a large-scale extravaganza, it does not have to be an off the shelf solution.

Wedding Vendors

Worried about being able to turn your lovely ideas into a reality? A good wedding planner will be able to offer you more than just run of the mill wedding packages; they will be able to customise every aspect of the wedding to suit your tastes, aesthetic sensibilities, preferences and of course your budget. And more importantly help conceptualize your very own ideal wedding.You can personalize every little detail big or small, from major aspects like the venue décor to more minor ones like wedding favours. It will give you the flexibility to choose different vendors like caterers, photographers, decorators etc. that many wedding packages offered by hotels and the like do not offer.

If you are planning on going in for a wedding package because you aren’t sure how to handle the undertaking that is putting together a great wedding, hire a wedding planner instead. You will have someone looking after the day to day dealings for you and yet retain that unique flair you would want for your big day.

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