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Until a few years ago, planning a wedding in India meant one thing – family. The arranging, organizing and over-looking of the entire wedding process was done by the couples’ families and themselves. But with Indian weddings getting more elaborate and not to mention more unique and specialized today, wedding management in India has spurned on a growing industry that is entirely its own.

Back in the day, Indian weddings were traditionally managed by an army of people in your life - your family. Parents and close family members would take long leaves and vacation days, solely for the purpose of arranging the wedding and wedding functions and everyone was involved or had a say in how things were to be carried out. This left a lot to be desired because too many cooks can definitely spoil the broth! Not to mention the entire affair would spin out of control of the couple’s grasp and further away from their own wedding dreams, desires and tastes. But no more! Although weddings in India are still largely a family affair, couples and their families are now opting to get professional assistance with wedding management in India.

Wedding Event Management

Initially wedding management in India started with corporate honchos hiring legions of workers from their office teams to handle the affair for them. Work was delegated and different teams were put in charge of handling and coordinating varying aspects of the wedding. However the issue still lies that weddings are not purely a business undertaking or a task to be accomplished; inexperience in the industry was hugely lacking.

Today, the growing industry that is wedding management in India comprises of some extremely talented professional wedding planners who are well qualified for the job and have experience and passion under their belts. They understand the importance, cultural significance, emotional magnitude and creative impulses that come with planning a wedding. Couples want their weddings to be this perfect day/ days that are a smooth blend of tradition, modernity, their personalities as well as the wishes of their families. Getting professional help for an event so huge can save a lot of time, stress and money.

Contemporary wedding management in India is not just about wedding planning, but about fulfilling the wishes of a couple in love, along with managing a number of vendors and labourwho can get it done.

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