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A wedding in India is an emotional rollercoaster ride and a lovely mix of events and customs. The diversity in the country and the immense populous from different regions, as well as the huge importance given to weddings here has resulted in a plethora of great marriage venues in India. When planning a wedding in India, you have a multitude of different destinations, locations and venues to choose from and the differences between them is mind blowing as well.

Wedding Ceremony

The first way you can categorize marriage venues in India is by the many religious institutions and holy places here. The country is home to a vast number of faiths ranging from Hinduism to Sikhism to Islam. This means you will find tons of temples of different religions, churches, mosques, synagogues and much more; and also pilgrimage places considered holy and sacred. Having a religious wedding ceremony here is an easy process since there are a number of places you can have a ceremony of your faith in different cities of your choice.

Another way to sift through your choices is if you are planning on having a destination wedding in the country. Finding the perfect marriage venue in India is easier when the wedding is going to be held in the home-town of either party but if you are from out of the country of planning an event at a different location, the choices are many. If you have dreamt of a wedding by the sea, then there are loads of beaches on offer. If you prefer something a bit more formal and regal, you will also find palaces that host different kinds of luxury weddings! Not to mention the option of venues at wildlife resorts, eco-resorts, vineyards, small hill-station towns and so much more.

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