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Indian wedding in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Known for its vibrant cities, beautiful beaches, amazing hotels, colourful culture, great nightlife and more, it lends itself perfectly as a destination for your wedding. When planning an Indian wedding in Thailand one of the great benefits is its proximity to India...it’s just a short flight away and much cheaper than say other destinations like Europe.

Thailand has a multitude of spectacular properties, especially beachfront venues that are great for an exotic destination wedding. Besides the various high-end hotels in various cities all have their own unique ambience and personalities. The fact that the culture in this part of Southeast Asia is as vibrant and lovely as India, planning an Indian wedding in Thailand can be your recipe for a beautiful blend of the two countries. You can still retain the Indian customs and ceremonies and mix in a little local Thai flavour, making it as colourful and enjoyable as can be. You will also be able to easily arrange for Indian performers as well as Thai and other international performers as part of your entertainment program. A little research on the local customs and how your wedding destination or venue works with the kinds of fusion events you have in mind is a great place to start.

Cities in Thailand

Some of the popular cities when it comes to planning an Indian wedding in Thailand are Bangkok, HuaHin, Phuket and the island of KoSamui. Bangkok a visitors paradise, boasts of some of the grandest hotels in the heart of the city as well as in more secluded areas. Just an hour’s flight from Bangkok, Phuket has gorgeous and large beach resorts by the blue waters of the Arabian Sea. HuaHin offers a more laid back and relaxed atmosphere with traditional and contemporary Thai style hotels. You can also take a look at KoSamui, known for its beautiful beaches and tropical island atmosphere, perfect for an exotic destination wedding.

Planning an Indian wedding in Thailand is a trend that is captivating more and more couples every year and rightly so – the amazing hospitality, beautiful sights, fabulous shopping, mix of big city life and relaxed chilled out spots and interesting cuisine and culture are perfect for a super memorable wedding.

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