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Wedding Venues in Rajasthan
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An ancient land of royalty, Rajasthan is the largest state in India. This gorgeous state has regality and elegance par excellence and an ambience that has a fantastic combination of contemporary conveniences with old world charm. The many wedding venues in Rajasthan are something completely out of the ordinary, painted with broad brushstrokes ofthe fascinating Indian history of the region. In fact counted among one of the premier destinations for Royal weddings, Rajasthan has plenty to offer.

Rajasthan’s fame comes from the beautiful buildings that are reflections of the royal history of the land. Palaces, forts, elaborate temples and more abound here with the different major cities having their own special brand of Rajasthani elegance. It is said wedding venues in Rajasthan are fit for a king and quite literally so! There are a number of grand palaces that have been converted into heritage hotels, known for their world class luxury, amazing hospitality and top-notch facilities for weddings and wedding entertainment. Some of the most visited cities like Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur offer you palatial hotels and havelis, that transport you back to a grander time. Not to mention it is also home to wildlife parks and sanctuaries that are known worldwide, which house some of the best wildlife resorts. Wedding venues in Rajasthan are definitely for those couples looking to get married in gorgeous settings, with the best money can buy.

Hotels In Rajasthan

One of the most beautiful wedding venues in Rajasthan is the Lake Palace in Udaipur, a grand heritage palace hotel that occupies its own island on Pichola Lake. In fact it is considered the most romantic hotel in the entire country…perfect for a royal wedding! More notable mentions also include the stunning JalMahal Palace and Raj Palace in Jaipur, as well as the UmaidBhavan Palace and Ranbanka Palace in Jodhpur, among many others.

You will find great options whether it’s by the lake, surrounded by the desert or in the wilderness. With high end amenities, comprehensive wedding packages including entertainment and picturesque settings, most wedding venues in Rajasthan are considered the epitome of luxury. Contact Marry Me – Wedding Planners for help booking the best wedding venues in Rajathan.

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