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wedding venues in Goa
beach wedding in Goa
Goa wedding venues

Goa is one of the premier destinations not only for beach weddings in the country, but around the world. This sunny state in India attracts hordes of tourists every year, thanks to its laidback charm, beautiful beaches, great restaurants and hotels, cultural tourist-spots and more. Due to its strong tourism industry and the very social yet chilled out atmosphere, there are a number of charming wedding venues in Goa to choose from.

Goa was under the rule of the Portuguese right up until 1961, a fact that has defined the look and feel of many areas in this small state. This has also resulted in a mixed population spanning different faiths. The charming old Portuguese style architecture seen in many ancestral homes, churches and buildings lend it a unique air, differing from most other parts of the county. This is why there are a number of wedding venues that lend itself to romance and history in the very relaxed and typified Goan atmosphere. You will also find a number of pretty villas with different scales of amenities that may be suitable for the wedding and also for housing your wedding party and guests. Some are even family owned and managed. These ancestral homes and villas are definitely not of the norm and ideal for a wedding that is more intimate and small.

Of course, the obvious and popular choice for a marriage locale here and for good reason is the lovely beaches that the state is blessed with. You will find a variety of small, mid-sized and large world class luxury hotels here, which cater to a range of budgets. Most big hotels and resorts here have provisions, services and packages for weddings and wedding related functions.

Beaches In Goa

Although wedding venues in Goa range from the off the beaten track to the more mainstream beach resorts, you will also find more traditional venues like lawns and ball rooms as well; this allows you to create an event that can be held in a variety of attractive environs for all your functions.

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