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Beach Wedding in India

Beach weddings are becoming a new favourite around the world. Many people tired with chaotic city lives and stressed with work, opt for easy, breezy shore-side weddings that are a joy to attend. Beach weddings in India are an ideal choice for a more laidback and intimate celebration of your love for each other. The sun, sand, surf and shaadi combination remains a perennial favourite!

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India has many idyllic destinations for planning a beach wedding. One of the most popular destinations is undoubtedly the state of Goa. Goa, a small state in the south western region of India, is home to some of the more beautiful and vibrant beaches in the country. One of the most tourist friendly states, Goa boasts of many pretty locales for beach weddings in India. Known as ‘God’s own country’ the state of Kerala is more famous for its scenic backwaters. What most people tend to forget that it is also houses some beautiful pristine beaches. If you need more action, tourist activities and parties, Goa may be better suited for you and if natural beauty and a quiet romanticism is your cup of tea, the beaches of Kerala are perfect for your beach wedding.

Another stunning option is the Lakshadweep, a cluster of 36 small islands off the Malabar Coast. The beautiful blue waters, safe environs and scenic reefs and beaches, make it a great locale for a beach wedding. Places like Goa, Kereala and Lakshadweep are extremely hospitable and play an active part in the tourism industry of the country, therefore planning a beach wedding in India is a relatively easy process. There are tons of accommodation options, entertainment options as well as picturesque locations to plan exactly what you may have in mind. Not to forget they are all easily accessible by eitherroad, air or rail. One thing you may need to keep in mind is to plan according to the weather in the country and the best times to visit these places.

Beach weddings in India are a great alternative to the elaborate and busy affairs that traditional weddings here tend to be. Fun, relaxed and yet romantic and celebratory, they are ideal for an out of the box wedding style. If a beach wedding seems to be on the cards, Marry Me can help you plan a beautiful beach wedding for you.

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