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Royal Weddings in India
Royal wedding India
Royal weddings

Every bride wants to be a princess on her wedding day; but to be married in the style of the maharajas and maharanis of India…splendid! India is a land filled with cultural heritages, including a rich royal history that has captivated visitors and historians for years. If a royal wedding is something that you have always dreamed of, the answer lies in the beautiful palace weddings in India. Just the thought of being decked up in all your wedding finery, saying your vows against the backdrop of a historic and opulent palace, is enough to give many a soon-to-wed goosebumps, and it’s now something you can turn into a beautiful reality.

Palace Weddings in India

Palace weddings are soon becoming a hugely popular trend, both in the country and internationally. Nothing says exoticism and grandeur better than a wedding, quite literally fit for a king. Hosting a grand event like the maharajas back in the glory days is possible in places like the state of Rajasthan. Home to many a refurbished palace; you will have your pick among some stunning old heritage properties, considered among the ritziest and most visually appealing in the world. Planning a royal wedding in India will take you to cities like Bikaner, Jaipur, Udaipur etc., where the captivating monarchial history has left behind some architectural masterpieces by way palaces, temples and the like, offset by gorgeous desert visages. Just the basic settings are attractive enough that you will only need minimal décor additions!

A variety of heritage properties and palaces in Rajasthan have been converted into world class luxury hotels suited for a royal wedding. Lush gardens, shimmering lakes, glorious old havelis, beautifully restored buildings and more, lie waiting to be explored. Having a palace wedding in India is definitely not considered animprobable fantasy anymore. The numerousoptionsin this desert state are known for their unbeatable hospitality, delicious cuisine and splendor, making them ideal spots for a regal wedding. A wedding planner will then help you put together the perfect entertainment options like folk dance and music shows, shopping trips, desert safaris, elephant shows and more, giving your guests a taste of the local flavor.

Do you want to feel like a king and queen with centuries of rich historysurrounding you on your wedding day? Longing for a majestic palace wedding in India? Let Marry Me – The Wedding Planners help you put together a beautiful Royal wedding in one of the best palaces in India.

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