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Mumbai is known for a good number of things — its metropolitan vibe, bustling streets and its many businesses and innovative startups. But, perhaps, it is the city’s love for all things celebratory that is the most widely recognised. Mumbai’s seemingly endless list of colourful festivals are much looked forward to. Then there are its larger-than-life weddings, spread across a number of days, that not only point to the city’s love for a good celebration but also to its affinity for tradition and culture. Naturally, Mumbai is home to a burgeoning wedding industry that caters to weddings of all sizes and budgets. Finding a good wedding venue in Mumbai, especially if you happen to be working in tandem with an experienced wedding planner, comes that much easier.

The thing about Mumbai is that it is a city is of abundance. This not only refers to the millions of people who call the city their home and the number of festivals that they celebrate, but it also extends to just about every aspect of the city. When it comes to weddings, too, Mumbai offers innumerable vendors and venues — all of which will spoil you for choice, and might even make things a tad confusing. Making the right choice for your wedding might be one of the more difficult tasks to strike off your list. But like we said there’s nothing that a good wedding planner in Mumbai can’t help you with. Armed with years of experience in the wedding industry, your wedding planner will help you narrow down on the ideal wedding venue in Mumbai that will cater to your budget, needs and tastes. From lush hotel lawns and poolside venues, to plush ballrooms and tastefully banquet halls, your planner will assure that you find the perfect location to celebrate your special day and other related events. Mumbai’s historic Taj Mahal Hotel overlooking the Gateway of India is just an example of the city’s varied offerings when it comes to wedding venues in Mumbai. There are also a handful of wedding venues — beautifully aged bungalows, farmhouses, and even yachts — that only those in the know can help you out with. Marry Me — The Wedding Planners can help you find some of the best wedding venues in Mumbai.

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