{ Wedding Security }

Protecting life’s special moments is an important job. Hiring special security and valet parking for guests is generally not something that brides and grooms think of when planning their wedding. However, keeping your near and dear ones well protected and ensuring a secure environment for one of the most cherished and expensive events in your life is an idea worth taking into consideration.

Weddings in India are often opulent and lavish affairs where everyone from the couple to the guests come dressed in all their finery and wear a lot of valuable jewellery. Wedding guests also normally carry small valuable items like purses and cameras that they may leave unattended on the tables. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for gate crashers who try their luck and enter uninvited looking to walk out with a few stolen goods… security is a must! You will also have to make sure you have someone on hand to keep an eye on all the wedding gifts and envelopes you receive and later transport them to a safer place. Also, if you are expecting high profile guests and celebrities at your event, additional security is definitely needed.

Valet Parking For Guests

While many wedding venues do offer basic security and safety measures, looking into hiring private security is a good idea. You will have to find a reputed private security firm that is known for its high standards and it is important that the staff is well equipped to handle safety issues and is professional, courteous and well trained. Another security concern is that of the many private cars and vehicles and also the parking hassles that may arise at a wedding event venue in a busy location. Consider organizing a valet service to make it really convenient for yourself and the guests. You can also look into hiring chauffeurs for the occasion to ferry you and your families to the different wedding events, ensuring some level of safety and quite literally a smoother ride.

Marry Me – The Event Planners, Mumbai will organize private security for weddings, chauffeurs, valet services and event staffing, as required and we only deal with vendors that have the expertise and the professionalism as needed.

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