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Planning a wedding is not a simple undertaking; it takes time, effort and a lot of coordination between different aspects to create a dream wedding. After choosing the wedding date, the couple will eventually have to decide on a whole list of things ranging from the wedding venue to clothes to catering and tons of stuff in between. A wedding planning timeline and detailed checklists are essential to keep everything on track and serve as a guideline for what need to done.

You and your partner will have to sit yourselves down ideally with your wedding planner and make a wedding timeline and get organized. Create a checklist for separate events covering the different things you need for your wedding and other events like the catering, the venue, the decorators, music, transportation, photography etc. As you go down the checklist over the course of planning your big day, you will have to meet with different vendors and make sure everything is covered.

You will have to create a wedding timeline for the weeks or months leading up to your wedding starting with bigger duties like fixing on a guest list, breaking down event dates and times, booking your wedding venue in advance and smaller ones like scheduling your salon appointments. Making an individual timeline for each event like the ceremony, reception, cocktail etc. lets you plan more efficiently. Create a production schedule for your wedding that has details of every task that needs to be done, who it is to be done by and when they are to be completed.  Every little detail like the time it takes to get to an event or scheduling a day for a pre-wedding photo shoot should be noted down. Once you start going down your schedules and lists and completing each task at hand big or small, it’s that much easier not to get overwhelmed by the wedding planning.

We at Marry Me – The Wedding Planners will ensure that your wedding schedule goes off smoothly. We will create the relevant timelines and production schedules for each event. Considering how important timing is in weddings and you generally don’t have a minute to waste, working with Marry Me means you will not have to worry that your wedding timelines are kept on track. We will not only create detailed itineraries for your special days but also make sure that production happens on the dot with the best wedding vendors available.


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