{ On the day Co-ordination }

On the day Co-ordination
On the day Co-ordination
On the day Co-ordination

Weddings are a family affair and more often than not the tendency has been that older members of the family plan wedding preparations. Earlier weddings were planned at home and every member gave in some inputs on décor and food and together they would pull the event through.

But things have changed over the years.You would want your wedding to flow smoothly without any hurdles. Moreover, you would want all your relatives to enjoy the function rather than someone making sure service of food is smooth and that no guest is left unattended while someone else is busy checking sound or managing transport and are in turn missing from the family pictures. While elders from the family are aware of most things needed at weddings, they are not experienced in handling any kind of crisis like for example an important vendor does not turn up on the wedding day or any other last minute hitch. Here is where Marry Me comes into the picture. As professional wedding planners we are well equipped to handle any kind of crisis. We not only foresee any problems before they occur but we always have backups. Being in the business we have a thorough knowledge of professional vendors and we only work with the best in the business.

Wedding Coordinator

Our onsite logistics includes a range of services. We have well knit teams which handle various responsibilities right from technical to the softer ones like hospitality. Our team ensures all the technical aspects are in place well in advance of the event start time. This includes setting up and checking of sound, lights, making sure every little element is checked off the décor list as per your brief, checking if all the items required for the rituals are in place, checking on seating arrangements, buffet layout, coordinating guest and couple transport, making sure valet and parking is taken care of and so on…

Other services include making sure all vendors arrive on time and overseeing their work, welcoming guests, taking a plate count before the buffet starts and keeping track of the same throughout the event, keeping your gifts safely. We take care of every little thing which matters to youas we would not want you to get stressed about these little things on your big day. Every moment of the biggest day of your life is for you and your family to enjoy and cherish. So live every bit of the day while we take care of the rest. Contact Marry Me today to find out how you can have a wedding coordinator or a team of wedding coordinators to ensure everything runs smoothly on your wedding day.

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