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Your Best Friend’s Wedding

Indian bride getting ready with best friends

Indian bride getting ready

The next best thing to putting together your dream wedding? Helping your beloved best friend plan hers! Even if your friend has a wedding planner taking care of her big day, chances are she is going to need you with her, every step of the way.

Wedding time can be busy, overwhelming and full of decision-making; and is definitely a time when a bride will want to lean on her loved ones for support and help. And while there may be certain details that only the bride’s family or wedding planner will be able to etch out, you can be of immense help. After all you may not have any idea of how to plan a wedding, but there is one aspect you have ample expertise in, i.e. your friend!

Indian bride holding hands with groom

Let’s take a look at two important ways you can be of help to your lovely bride :

Emotional Support: Firstly and definitely one of the most important ‘duties’ of a bride’s best friend is to be there for her in this very emotional period. A bride usually goes through many emotional ups and downs during the wedding planning or engagement period and can do with a friendly shoulder to lean on. Whether it is to share in her joy of marrying her sweetheart or lessen the burden of the big, stressful decisions, you will be her pillar of support.

bride with mehendi

Getting hands-on: While the bride may have a professional to help her plan and execute the details of her big day and related events, you can help her out with things like choosing among her many options, helping her with aspects she wants to do herself (like making wedding favours for instance), taking care of guests on the big day, and not to forget, choosing her gorgeous wedding clothes and trousseau. As her best friend you may also have to take charge of planning her bachelorette party or bridal shower and make this time as special as you can for her. Since you probably know her taste, style and preferences very well, ensure her that you will help her in any way you can.

bridal henna mehendi

And keep in mind however well you may know your friend or how ever similar your tastes may be, it is ultimately her decisions and desires that matter. So try not to be overbearing or critical with your opinions. Also be patient with her fluctuating moods in this time of stress.

Indian bride in UK

After all, you are in many aspects her better half!

Images Courtesy : via offbeat bride
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