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Bridal Boot Camp | Gearing up for your Big Day!

There are so many things to do before your wedding day. But the key is to get most of it sorted out as soon as possible so that during the time leading up to your big day, you have nothing to really worry about. You should use the immediate run up to your wedding day to prepare yourself both mentally and physically. After all, Indian brides are the epitome of grace.

Look fabulous in your wedding attire

With the wedding preparations in full swing, it’s highly probably that you’ll get easily side tracked from your fitness plan. A couple of months before your great Indian wedding, you might want to begin working out (if you don’t already) and stick to a healthy diet. After all, you do want to look ultra-fabulous in that one of a kind Indian wedding dress now don’t you!

Many fitness gyms in Mumbai, India offer special fitness packages for brides-to-be. These involve a strict schedule that combines a good dose of exercise and diet, rather than having the bride-to-be starve herself or stress out.

If you are one who cannot bear to step in to a gym, then why not take up dance classes with your partner. Not only will you both stay in shape, but you’ll also learn a good number of dance moves like salsa and ball room dancing, perfect for your wedding ceremonies!

Wedding Makeup & Bridal Beauty Tips

It’s said that you are only pretty as you feel. But when it comes to prepping for your wedding day, we suggest you pamper yourself with a good number of beauty treatments  that will not only bring out your true beauty but also make you feel it!

At least six months before your wedding while you’re deciding or checking on your party favors and other wedding-related activities, you should also take some time off to work on your beauty regimen.

Drink up on a lot of water and green tea for stress-free skin that glows luminously. Visit your beautician for regular skin facials and peels. It’s also time to consume nutritious foods that promote good skin.

Beauty salons and spas in Mumbai, India offer specialwedding packages  for brides-to-be. These include facials, body peels, manicures and pedicures.

The Indian Wedding Dress Stress

Shopping for that perfect wedding gown or lehenga can undoubtedly be a fabulous adventure in itself, but it can also be stressful. Perhaps you’ve always had a mental picture of the perfect wedding dress since you were a child. Or maybe, you have absolutely no idea what your gown should look like. Either ways, you should keep in mind that your perfect dress is somewhere out there. You just got to find it!

It’s a good idea to begin at least 6 months in advance and when you do, you must keep in mind your body type and the comfort factor. Also look out for a pair of shoes that will compliment your wedding dress.

Once done, you need to get started on dresses, shoes and corsages for your brides maids. Most importantly, you may want to help your mother find that perfect ‘mother-of-the-bride’ gown.

Wedding Hair Styles & Makeup

Once you’ve selected your make-up artist and a wedding hair stylist , you need to discuss with him/her your cosmetic requirements and hair style. If you want to grow out your hair or have it colored, now is definitely the time to talk to your stylist. 

Pamper yourself

Now that preparations for the wedding day are underway right from wedding invitation cards, to wedding photography  to beauty regimes, you need to step aside from the stress of it all and simply unwind. Take time off when you can to pamper yourself at your local day spa. Indulge in skin treatments like body wraps and scrubs to ensure that your overall skin is aglow come your wedding day. And don’t forget to take regular hot oil massages for your hair and body.


Above it all, take time out when you can to meet up with your friends over tea, read a good book, watch the best wedding movies or simply put on your dancing shoes and simply unwind!

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