Five Things Common to Every Indian Wedding

If there is one thing common across India, be it Mumbai or Goa in the west to Kolkata or Patna in the east, it is the fact that people love weddings. It is for two individuals to decide to marry each other, but when it comes to planning the wedding, the entire family is involved.

Here are the five ingredients quintessential to every Indian wedding:

1. The Bride: The bride is inevitably the central attraction of any wedding. There is always some action going on where the bride is. It can be said that the most interesting rituals, like mehndi, sangeet, and haldi circle around the bride.


2. Food and more food: No Indian wedding is complete without an extravagant dinner or luncheon, and not to forget the endless boxes of sweets and delicacies being carried to and fro. Food is one thing that everyone at a wedding seems to have an opinion about.


3. Jewelry:The Indian tradition relates girls with the prosperity of the house. And that’s why it is no wonder that in every culture, special jewelry is prepared for the bride to wear on her wedding day. So if you are at an Indian wedding, be prepared to get dazzled.


4. Relatives from every part of the country: The great Indian family comes together at a wedding. Relatives from not only across the country, but those who live abroad make it a point to attend the most special day of one of their kin.


5. Blessings: A lot of emotions, lots of laughter and all the elders in the family who giving their blessings to the young couple are what make Indian weddings so special.


Regardless of differences in culture and regions, Indians love to celebrate to the brim when it comes to organizing and attending marriages.The anecdotes of the celebration are fondly shared with family and friends for ages to come.

Every wedding has a story. We would love to hear yours.

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How to Choose The Best Wedding Planner In India?

Weddings are beautiful and can be made enjoyable if all the stress and tension which goes into planning all things in detail can be reduced. Well, by hiring a wedding planner, one can definitely enjoy the wedding better as most of the arrangements then become the responsibility of the wedding planner. There are a lot of wedding planners but finding the best wedding planner in India and finding the best one is not easy.

Before handing over the responsibilities of the wedding to a wedding planner, you should make sure if the person is good enough to handle the wedding arrangements perfectly:

Here are a few tips which have been given by a wedding planner in Mumbai, as to how to choose the best wedding planner for a wedding:

Schedule – When interviewing a wedding planner, make sure that he/she is free on the day of the wedding. Do not choose a planner who might have prior appointments as they would not be able to concentrate fully on the arrangements for your wedding. Of course, this does not hold true for the best wedding planners in India who have a huge team to do the follow ups and deliver the best results.

Location – Find out if the wedding planner knows the venue and located somewhere near the venue. This would be extremely helpful because if the wedding planner is well versed with the venue, then chances are that he/she might also have contacts of the other vendors who are needed for the wedding arrangement.

Experience – According to a wedding planner in Mumbai, the experience of the person in planning weddings plays a very important role in choosing the best wedding planner. This would be an assurance that the person has seen some success and has the knowledge of how to plan a wedding and how to carry out all the arrangements. This would also ensure that the family does not need to get involved in all the areas of planning and can sit back and enjoy the wedding with the family.

Regular Vendors – Most wedding planners work with the same vendors. Thus when choosing a wedding planner, one should find out who the vendors are and do some research on them as well.  This would also help in understanding the tastes and preferences of the wedding planner and give you an idea as to what to expect of him/her.

Friendliness – When selecting a wedding planner, one should remember that one needs to be in constant touch with the person and if he/she is not friendly then it is best to avoid him/her. It is very important that a wedding planner be friendly and patient.

Punctuality – You can decide about the punctuality and timeliness of a wedding planner by noting how quickly he/she returns your calls or responds to your emails. A planner who responds quickly is definitely the best pick as he/she would exhibit the same kind of professionalism in their work as well.

Portfolio – Check the portfolio of the wedding planner and see if you are impressed by their work. You can check websites of the best wedding planners in India to understand what to expect.

Selecting the right wedding planner for a wedding is very important to make it an enjoyable and memorable one. So, it is very important that the wedding planner is selected with utmost care.

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What To Expect From The Best Wedding Planning Services in India

Top wedding planners in India take all responsibilities of listening to the client’s requirements, propose a wedding package in accordance with the budget, make wedding arrangements seamlessly, and ensure a hassle-free and pleasurable wedding experience for all.


If you are gearing up for a big fat Indian wedding and on the lookout for the best wedding planning services in India it is crucial to know exactly what to expect from such services. Opting for a wedding planner is not a very old concept in India but the recent years have seen quite a surge in the number of wedding planning companies sprouting up in various corners of the companies. However, although the concept is more of a Western one wedding planning services in India differ greatly from their foreign counterparts. Indian weddings come with rituals galore with wedding preparations beginning more than a month prior to the actual wedding date. Here are some things, which a top wedding planner will take care of.


Consultation: The first meeting with the wedding planner embraces putting forth the ideas, which the client would like to be included in the wedding. The client may be either the bride or the groom themselves or either of their parents who will sit to discuss about the plans for the wedding day as well as days before or after as is desired. A professional wedding planner in India knows just how to put a patient ear to what a client has in mind about the various ceremonies involving an Indian wedding and how to collaborate and design the whole thing in a seamless manner. A good wedding planner will also be able to give out an approximate cost for the whole wedding planning services depending on whether the client is going for full-fledged planning on all days or only for the marriage day ceremony.


Know the Nuances of Wedding Planning in India: An experienced wedding planner in India would know just the way to handle the minutest details of an Indian wedding and getting you the best things at the best bargain. Top wedding planners have a wide network of connections with vendors and venue management companies to get you the best deal within your budget and in tune with what your notions of a dream wedding are.


Impeccable Arrangements: The reason why more Indian couples are turning to wedding planning services is the fact that it ensures a hassle-free process without having to bear any stress of managing the large number of guests and the intricacies of a wedding arrangement. This is just what a good wedding planning service company should do. From taking care of decorations and venue to ensuring your guests are treated in the best way possible with proper management taken out in every sphere a wedding planner should take the whole responsibility on his or her shoulder.


Wedding Packages: Top wedding planners in India present you with an array of packages to suit your requirements and budget. This ranges from planning traditional Indian weddings following myriad cultural customs to designing theme weddings in a luxurious way. If you are baffled as to which one to choose your wedding planner should be able to give you suggestions as to how to go about it, of course taking all your needs and budget into consideration.


Bestowing the responsibility of your marriage on an experience wedding planner should mean a relaxing and enjoyable wedding for you and your whole family.

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A tropical waterfront retreat in Bangkok city | Anantara Riverside

Anantara Riverside Bangkok weddings

My favorite place to stay, or plan an event in Bangkok is always on the riverside, simply due to it being a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Anantara Riverside Resort & Spa is exactly that – the only resort property in Bangkok! To stay connected with the city, the hotel has a free shuttle boat every half hour to the nearest train station on the other side of the river.

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Beautiful Calligraphy Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Beautiful Calligraphy on wedding invitations

The art of calligraphy dates back to the period before the invention of the printing press, some 500 years ago. The advent of technology brought about many changes in the styles and methods of printing and also in the fonts and typography used for written text. The art of calligraphy however continues to fascinate people with its artistic flourishes, elegant finish and the impeccable attention to detail.

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Wild Garden Flowers For Your Indian Wedding

summer theme floral mandap

Its summer time once again and the streets and the skyline of Mumbai is abundant with flowers in full bloom painting the city in gorgeous colors of pinks, purples, oranges and yellows. These plants or trees start blooming in winter and are laden with full blooming flowers by summer. Since these flowers are pretty and abundantly available in the city during summer – which also makes them very cost effective – we thought of exploring them more for a perfect summer Indian wedding! Here are a few of these wild flowers that we would love to see in weddings.

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Interesting Bollywood Celebrity Wedding Trivia

Here are some fun facts about our very own Bollywood celebrity weddings!

Rishi Kapoor and Neeti Kapoor Wedding

Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh’s wedding was a lavish and grand affair in true Kapoor style with the festivities lasting for almost 20 days! It is also said that the both Rishi and Neetu endured fainting spells on the wedding day owing to the massive crowd of people turned up for the celebrations and the heavy outfits worn by them.

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Wedding Ideas | Animal Inspiration – The Peacock

Peacock Theme Indian Wedding Reception by Marry Me

From fashion to grand events, drawing inspiration from the animal kingdom seems to be the trend du jour! If you are looking for wedding ideas that are different, vibrant and have a lot of potential, why not check out what you can borrow from the natural beauty around us. The peacock is one such inspiration point, which has tons of potential that can be translated into various aspects of your Indian wedding.

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Grooming the Groom

Grooming an Indian groom

Who does not like to get pampered on their wedding day? While the brides go for spa sessions to unwind and rejuvenate before the wedding, why not the groom? Here are some tips and ideas for grooming the groom for the big day!

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Flamenco and Indian Folk Music in a Fort

Flamenco and Indian folk music in a fort

Rajasthan has fast become India’s new festival destination, and so we were really excited to finally experience one. We recently attended a three-day music festival in Jodhpur, but unlike most other festivals in the state, it didn’t involve electronic music or desert stomping. Just plain soulful strums, shouts of ole, rhythmic footwork, intense sarangi plucks, percussion and much more. Sounds like flamenco with a twist, doesn’t it? That’s exactly what we were treated to from March 13-15 at the Jodhpur Flamenco & Gypsy Festival. The confluence of flamenco and North Indian folk music got us thinking about how perfect this kind of music would be for an Indian wedding.

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