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Mumbai is the land of the plenty; plenty of festivities and celebrations included! The city of Mumbai is one of the main bustling metros in India and is home to some of the most cosmopolitan mix of people you will ever find. It is also a center for various businesses, including a booming wedding industry. Wedding venues in Mumbai are the best showcase for the diversity that you find in the city; from the lavish to the budget venues, it has it all.

With the hospitality and tourism sectors growing from strength to strength here, there is no shortage of hotels and events facilities in this city. This translates into numerous possible wedding locations to choose from, from one end of the city to another; not to forget its numerous surrounding suburban areas. From the grand TajMahal Hotel at the Gateway of India and the ritzy Hilton in South Mumbai to J.W. Marriot in the northern suburbs, world class wedding venue options are not something the city is short of. Popular wedding venues in Mumbai also include so many smaller neighbourhood hotels, banquet halls, open lawns with stage and sound facilities, and more.

Although most weddings in the city take place in ball rooms, open lawns and starred hotels, you also find many hidden gems that are perfect for weddings with a more unique flair. With the help of a wedding planner in Mumbai couples are now able to source offbeat locations tucked away within different corners of the city itself that one rarely thinks about or probably has never seen. Having a wedding or wedding related functions at unconventional wedding venues in Mumbai like beautiful old houses and properties, farmhouses in nearby towns and even luxury yachts, is an option that many couples looking for a more specialised ambience are opting for. Marry Me – The Wedding Planners can help you find some of the best wedding venues in Mumbai that you can envision for your special day.