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Indian weddings, especially held in the country itself, are in a league of their own! Lavish and big, these weddings are never a one day affair. Most weddings in the country span anywhere from over a couple of days to a week - ten days, depending on the type of wedding planned and all the wedding related functions. This is definitely one strong defining factor about Indian weddings; they are lengthy, joyous occasions filled with celebrations and ceremony.

Although the country is so diverse in its populous and home to many varied ceremonies, some common wedding related functions that you will find in India, spanning the different faiths, are the Engagement, Mehendi function (where the bride and women close to her are adorned with patterns of henna), the Haldi ceremony (where a turmeric paste is put on the bride and groom for beautification and blessings), the Sangeet( a music and dance filled blow-out), the wedding ceremony itself and the reception.

Of course Indian weddings vary vastly from one part of the country to another, since the different cultures that are specific to different states and regions add a unique flavor to the weddings there. They will also differ in terms of religious ideologies and the different sects within the broader faith. Most Indian weddings attach a great deal of importance to tradition and ritual, some differing from one household to the next. That is why it is important to learn a little bit about the type of wedding you may be planning to have or attending, since generalizations are often misleading and faux pas a big deal. Of course with inter-faith weddings on the rise, a beautiful melting pot of assimilated religious ceremonies and celebration are also seen nowadays.

Indian Wedding Features

One of the most dominant characteristics of an Indian wedding is that it is all about the family. The level of involvement from both sides of family is deep-rooted and far more than most weddings around the world. This involvement is one of the many cultural norms that India is known for. This cultural pride also gives rise to intricate planning and ritual from everything to the bridal clothes and jewelry to the food and the princely treatment that family members and wedding guests are privy to. A vibrant mix of colours and sounds, glitz, religion, cultural norms and emotions, that’s what Indian weddings are made of!

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