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Interesting Indian Wedding Beliefs & Superstitions!

Indian wedding traditions

Indian weddings, or weddings around the world for that matter, are filled with superstitions and beliefs that are interesting, based in religion or just plain quirky! They are often related to bringing good luck and doing away with ill fortune in the most unusual ways possible.

Indian wedding superstitions

We have rounded up a few just for you:

The colour of a bride’s mehendi: The mehendi or henna patterns on a bride’s hand and feet are a major part of the adornment in Indian weddings. It is believed by many that the darker the bride’s mehendi colour emerges, the stronger her marriage will be. It is also said that the intensity of the hue signifies the amount of love she will receive from her husband and her in-laws!

Indian bridal mehendi

Rain on the wedding day: While many people hate the thought of their wedding day being dampened by a downpour, it is considered auspicious in some cultures. Some believe that it alludes to fertility and a good omen of many children, in the same way the rain helps a farmer by yielding him a bountiful crop! On a similar note, snow on your wedding day is also believed to be a sign of wealth and fertility.

rain at Indian wedding

Throwing rice at the bride and groom: Rice throwing is one of the oldest wedding traditions seen in many different cultures around the world and is very prevalent in Indian weddings. Symbolic of abundance and fertility, people shower their blessings and wishes with rice grains on the wedded couple. Some cultures also believe it will also protect the couple from evil spirits!

throwing rice on bride at Indian wedding

Tossing the bridal bouquet: Even if you aren’t personally familiar with this custom, odds are you have seen it many wedding and rom-com films! In this fun tradition the bride calls all her single female friends and relatives and throws her bouquet toward them over her shoulder. It is said that the one to catch the bouquet would be the next one to get hitched!

tossing the bouquet at an Indian wedding

These are just a few of the many, many wedding superstitions or beliefs from around the world that are said to bring good fortune of different kinds. And of course there are numerous Indian wedding games and fun traditions as well. Write to us at Marry Me about fun traditions you plan to include in your wedding festivities!

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  1. deepali saxena
    Posted April 20, 2013 at 9:20 pm | Permalink

    The last one is not Indian belief or superstion, it is western one.

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