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The Indian state of Rajasthan is the largest in the country and known for the rich vibrancy of the local culture and history as well as the mystique of the Thar Dessert that it encompasses. Truly a land of royalty, Rajasthan has a deep rooted royal history that is evident in its numerous stunning palaces, forts and heritage sites. Planning a wedding in Rajasthan will enable you to have that elegant princely wedding you have always dreamed of. Planning your big day with a wedding planner in Rajasthan makes it that much easier not just for the couple but also for the entire family.

Cities Of Rajasthan

A few of the major cities in Rajasthan that are great options for wedding destinations are Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur, among others. Jaipur also known as the ‘pink city’, is the biggest city in the state and like the others, an extremely visitor friendly one. This state capital, a favourite with just about every wedding planner in Rajasthan, is home to some stunning architectural masterpieces by way of gorgeous palace heritage hotels like Rambagh Palace, JalMahal Palace and Raj Palace and more. The city of Jodhpur is considered the gateway to the large Thar Desert and the old part of the city is fortified by strong stone walls from days gone by. Also known as the ‘blue city’, this destination is among one of the highly recommended by wedding planners in Rajasthan and the country over. It also boasts of glorious forts, palaces and temples.

Udaipur is undisputedly one of the most beautiful cities in the country and again, it’s a dream location for every wedding planner in Rajasthan. Known as the land of lakes, it boasts of the uber gorgeous Lake Palace, a luxury hotel that occupies its very own island on Lake Pichola. It is definitely a supremely scenic and romantic city. When planning a wedding in Rajasthan, you are definitely spoilt for choice among the various palace hotels that are the epitome of royal luxury. Another option is the city of Jaisalmer; it is known for its Jain heritage, old havelis and beautifully built temples.

The hospitality and regal feel of the state make planning a wedding in Rajasthan almost feel like taking a trip back in time to the glory days! Besides every city has its own unique historic significance and a plethora of activities and scenic locales to choose from. Hoping to feel like a king and queen on your wedding day with a luxury palace at your disposal? This stunning land of kings is definitely for you. Marry Me – the Wedding Planners can help convert this fantasy into a wedding fit for royalty.

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