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Planning A Royal Wedding In Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan Palace Wedding

Jodhpur, the second largest city of Rajasthan, is one built alongside the soft sands of the Thar desert, surrounded by adorable cerulean painted homes and an atmosphere of vibrant life explained through the exuberant colours of the place and people.  With all of this, Jodhpur proves to be one of the most authentic Indian wedding experiences and destination you could ever imagine, all as if overflowing with the likes of folklore, heritage and grandeur all at once.

Like most of the rich, culture filled cities of Rajasthan, Jodhpur too is to the top with it’s enthralling forts, palaces, and temples where one can plan the most spectacular Royal wedding ever. But wouldn’t that mean having just another destination wedding? Well, of course it would, except here we show you how to do things a little differently while still being in the frame with everyone saying how unique and romantic a wedding it was!

Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur Destination weddings

The most eminent feature of Jodhpur comes to be it’s far stretched desert land. Here is where you will be picturing the most spectacular wedding take place. Sure, Jodhpur’s palaces are exquisite and having your wedding in one is no less than a dream come true! But taking things a notch higher is something what most adventurous couples look for these days, and there is nothing more exciting than have your wedding take place over a terrain dipped in mystical history and a lingering romantic aura.

Wedding in Jodhpur, Rajasthan Umaid Bhawan

Under the radiating sun and the glistening sand, fancy a mirror-work and flower adorned marquee raised where the main ceremonial rituals can take place. Getting more innovative, instead of a horse you can have your groom ride up on a colourfully ornamented camel giving the setting a more dazzling feel. This barat can be guided by the vibrant folk artists in their traditional attires along with blazing music and dance. For seating arrangements for the guests, you can have lush linen mattresses garnished with traditional artsy covered bolsters and cushions placed under decorative tents.

The entire marquee can be further highlighted with more Rajasthani centred art and handicraft works peculiar to the region like the much known puppet doll wall hangings, peacock sculptures and paintings, and the astute mirror work tapestries. For entertainment during the wedding, you can have the traditional Kaalbeliya dances of lavish swirls and hand movements that can keep your guests engrossed and also brings them to settle into the Rajasthani folk mood. You can have traditional musicians with their conventional instruments, trumpets and dhols bring aloud the romance and splendour of Jodhpur with their tunes. The finest Rajasthani dishes can be added to the menu to further evoke the traditionally savoured taste buds of your wedding guests.

All of these aspects combined you would have adroitly re-created for yourself a never forgettable wedding  bringing out an era of historical finery and forever regal opulence in the most romantic region ever know – Jodhpur!

Image Credit : Umaid Bhawan, Jodhpur | Image 2 : Via user papaye67 / tripadvisor | Image 3 : Via use agtoau / trip advisor
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