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Indian wedding traditions
wedding traditions
Indian wedding

Indian weddings are one of the main events celebrated in the country with unbridled enthusiasm and zeal. Apart from the various Indian ceremonies, food, music and dance of different sorts are a huge part of the celebrations, not to mention the fun wedding games and little quirky details that differ from one ceremony from the next! As religion and ritual based weddings in India may be they are also beautiful, emotional, and meaningful and yes a whole lot of fun.

Customs And Rituals

Wedding ceremonies of course differ from one major religion to the next. For example the typical Hindu wedding would have the symbolic Seven Pheras wedding ceremony, the Kanyaadan (Vedic ritual symbolizing the bride being given to the groom by her parents), the wearing of the Mangalsutra and the Baraat pre-wedding, to name a few. Of course the way the ceremonies are conducted, length, the rituals etc. differ within different communities like the Malyalee community, the Jains, the Gujurathis, the Punjabis, the Sindhi communities and more. There are different communal traditions that add their own special flavour and mark one wedding from the next.

And of course marriages here also involve the different Indian wedding ceremonies and traditions of other major faiths like Muslim weddings and Parsi weddings. For example: the wedding ceremony among Muslims in India involves aMehendi ceremony for the bride and a beautiful Nikaah whereas people of the Parsi faith have a multi-event ‘lagan’, involving varied events like the Supra nu murat (similar to the mehndi or haldi) and the RupiaPervanu (unofficial engagement). Indian wedding traditions are multi-level and differ greatly from one another.

A few common ceremonies that are always enjoyed are the Mehendi or henna ceremony and the haldi functionthat celebrate the bride help her let her hair down with women in her family, while being adorned for her big day. Another favourite – the Sangeet, which is a music and dance extravaganza.There are also many fun traditions and wedding games designed to help break the ice between the newlyweds in a traditional arranged marriage set-up and help the families get comfortable with one another. Do a little research on the mélange of Indian wedding ceremonies and traditions and you are to find the ones you would like to incorporate on your big day!

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