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Colourful Indian Wedding Ceremony Décor


Indian wedding ceremonies are so full of rituals and customs and every step has some religious significance. We love Indian weddings for the simple fact that they are so colorful and there’s always so much happening around. From our experience, we have realized that at weddings, most couples lay stress on the importance of décor but most often than not, they only concentrate on the bigger elements of décor like the mandap, lighting, seating etc. One area which is always neglected unknowingly is the presentation and placement of the basic items required for the ceremony like lamps, flowers, rice, nuts, grains which are all a must at Indian weddings.  Here are some tips on how to make your ceremony décor more colourful and lively.


Firstly you need to make sure that you know exactly which items the pundit will be getting and what would you need to get. Once you have this in place, the next thing to do will be to take a look at all the things the pundit will bring beforehand. Simple things like a nice looking plate instead of a simple steel plate can spice up the look of the set up. Remember, the ceremony set up will be in the back ground for most of your wedding pictures; hence try and make it as interesting as possible.


Starting with the ceremony, firstly there are some common things you need like fruits, petals, nuts, Indian sweets etc. Here is your opportunity to add colour; choose multicoloured fruits and have an assortment of colourful petals and even the sweets can be assorted colourful ones. This is a great way to add some background hues to your ceremony pictures.



Eye for detail is the key to create the most amazing setting. Smaller things like trays, decorative thalis add to the whole look. If you follow this you can’t really miss out on anything. Make sure you have a list in advance of all the things that need to be placed in the mandap. This way you can plan on how many trays, baskets or platters you will need to lay everything out artistically.


Reds, golds, copper look rich and are the colours of prosperity, hence consider including these as a part of your set up. You can do this in multiple ways; like, the mandap carpet can be red in colour, you will anyways have some ornaments and gods of gold for the ceremony, other add ons like the havan kund, thalis, pots can be of copper.


Silver is also considered very auspicious at Indian weddings; hence we suggest having a silver thali for welcoming the groom.


It totally depends on you as to how you want your ceremony décor.  We hope these ideas will help you to create your ideal dream wedding set up.

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