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Alternatives to Traditional Indian Wedding Sweets


Indian weddings are lavish! Everything at Indian weddings is over the top; be it décor, food or the outfits. Talking about food, the spread is usually very generous with a range of options and live counters, but the most important being the hearty and rich dessert counter. Weddings are fun affairs and there are tons of overjoyed relatives who will want to congratulate you the traditional way which is by stuffing you with a ladoo the most common Indian wedding mithai; and you can’t really refuse any guest feeding you.


Though you may like indian wedding sweets, sometimes at weddings it gets too much. Here are some ideas to make this process more interesting and replacing the traditional ladoo with some more sinful and interesting options.


The ultimate replacement to the Indian ladoo can be the crunchy, nutty Ferrero Rocher chocolate.  This is a perfect alternative which you will relish over the boondi ladoo. It pretty much resembles a ladoo in shape and size and fun too!


How about having lovely flavored marshmallows placed near the couple seating and guests be offered these to feed the couple as opposed to the ladoo?? We think it’s a great idea.


For the couple who love fresh fruits, why not have edible fruit arrangements which guests can feed the couple instead of the ladoo. We feel this is perfect for the health conscious couple….very refreshing and unique. We totally suggest this for a outdoor day time wedding.


While fresh fruit arrangements are an option, dried fruits/ nuts should be considered too. You will anyways see dried fruits at Indian weddings, but a special platter or basket can be created with the choicest of dried fruits for the couple, for guests to feed them. The dried fruits can even be something like chocolate coated dates or blackcurrant or paneer tikka cashews to make it more fun and interesting.


You can also replace the traditional kaju barfi with bite sized portion of fresh fruit cheese cake or even a nice nankatai.  What would also be interesting is to have a platter of Indian petit fours or cupcakes with an Indian design.

We love the idea of replacing the ladoo with all of the fun stuff mentioned above!

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