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The Best Wedding Movies Of All Times

Everyone loves a good wedding movie. Even if the audience is nowhere close to getting hitched, such movies can never go wrong. Most portray love in all its glory, bringing tears of joy to the audience. And then there are those which make the bride out to be a beast! But in all seriousness, a wedding movie (and there are heaps of them) definitely has something in it for all, whether you are a to-be married couple, a bridesmaid, groomsman or even a wedding planner!

After all, there are many reasons to watch a good wedding movie. First off, its a fantastic way for soon-to-be brides and grooms to get into the wedding mood. Wedding-related humor could also help alleviate those pre-wedding jitters. And, you can always pick up some ideas for your own dream wedding!

So why not take some time off from your extremely busy wedding planning schedule to relax with your loved one and watch a wedding flick. You are most likely to relate to the brides character, and perhaps even laugh your worries away at the seriousness of it all!

The Wedding Singer: A wedding singer gets dumped at the altar by his fiancee, after which he meets a woman (who is engaged to the wrong man), and a whole new love story begins. The rest of the movie brings back memories of how sweet it is to fall in love.


Father of the Bride: An all-time favorite wedding movie of many, this flick would be nice to watch with the parents. Every father will surely be able to identify with the extreme chaos and expenses attached to hosting his daughters dream wedding. But, in the end, what brings tears to our eyes is the fact that he would do anything for his little girl.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding: This movie will have you laughing in peels. Its a good idea to watch it if yours is going to be an interfaith marriage as it could help lift some of the pressures involved from either side.


The Wedding Planner: The wedding planner (Jennifer Lopez) falls in love with none other than the fiancee of her client! Okay, so this movie has got to be every bride-to-be\’s worst nightmare and thus may not essentially be a good idea to watch with your beau. But, it will surely give you tons of wedding ideas right from the decor to sprucing up a location.


Monsoon Wedding: This Mira Nair flick proves that a wedding held during the rainy season can be ever so enjoyable as one held during any other season. This visually fantastic movie also shows the intensity and chaos of large weddings, especially when they involve a mix of traditions and customs and how it can be blended with modern life.


Check out newer movies like Made of HonorBride WarsThe Wedding Date and After The Wedding. And, you definitely can\’t give Sex and The City: The Movie a miss!

Besides being a perfect way to distress during those months of endless wedding planning, why not plan a movie night for your bridal party. Movies such as these are sure to get your brides maids and you to slip into a feel-good state of mind.

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