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Where Oh Where Shall My Fairytale Wedding Be?

Choosing the perfect wedding location is the most critical part of the wedding planning process. In fact, this step is one of the first amongst many others that to-be married couples need to decide upon. After all, important things on the wedding checklist such as the decor, theme, flowers and wedding dress all depend on this choice.

 This is when a couple needs to get together with the wedding planner to discuss their wedding location options.

And there are so many to sift through. From fun beach weddings to fancy yacht parties to receptions in a hotel ballroom or even an intimate gathering on quaintly lit lawns, there s much to choose from! You ll could even hold the reception on a far-off pristine island or perhaps even tie the knot when skydiving or deep sea diving if daredevil traits run through your veins!

Here\’s a rather absurd way to get married. But when you\’re in love, the sky or should we say the sea is the limit!

But seriously speaking, even though it can be exciting to choose your dream wedding location, a lot has to be taken into consideration during this planning process. For instance, if you select a wedding location which is not in your home city, this would mean that you have to make sure that you have absolutely everything available in that place.

An important point to be noted when choosing your wedding location is the season and climate. No bride would want to see napkins tossed around or the banquet table skirting wildly flying in the breeze.

Then your wedding budget is an important factor. The amount you have to shell out will obviously change from location to location. Do not forget to ask what will be included with the total cost when making the rounds of different locations.

In these difficult times of the credit crunch, you may wan there t to consider cost-cutting options. So, if you live in a bungalow for instance, why not have the wedding in your own backyard on or the front lawn? Perhaps if you already have the vision of your dream wedding taking place, it will become much easier. Yes, you will need a lot of imagination, hard work and organization to see your backyard materialize into a potential fairytale wedding zone. But, it has and could work wonders if you plan ahead.

That said, once you have decided on the wedding venue, a lot of other things need to be taken care of. Stay tuned for our complete wedding checklist, which will ensure that you do not miss out on the smallest of things when planning your dream wedding.

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