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Tips for Selecting your Bridesmaids Outfits


Having bridesmaids is now popular at Indian weddings though it is traditionally not a part of it. Having many bridesmaids is super fun but the difficult part is to narrow down on an outfit which everyone will love. It gets worse when all the bridesmaids live in different parts of the world and you have to manage the fittings, match the fabric and the colours. Here are some useful tips, which may come in handy while selecting your bridesmaids’ outfits.


The first step would be to choose and finalize your outfit. You can then look at choosing your bridesmaids outfits. The trend of having identical bridesmaids dresses is not popular any longer. There are lots of benefits of this actually. Simple things like a particular style may not necessarily suit every one as each bridesmaid will have a body structure unique to herself. Also if you have a few younger bridesmaids, a mixed style will surely help. Just because everyone is wearing a differently styled dress does not mean your bridal party will look less stylish; in fact this way you have more scope for innovation. You don’t have to worry too much about this incase your bridesmaids are not wearing gowns or dresses.

The next thing to do after choosing your outfit would be to pick a colour for your bridesmaid’s outfit, which complements your own as well as goes with everyone’s skin tone. The fabric also matters; we suggest going for a fabric with a good fall as this will look good on every body type. Choose the style keeping in mind the wearability of the outfit. Its nice if they can wear it a couple of times later too!


Don’t get too involved in the nitty gritties of your bridesmaids outfit. Leave that to the maid of honor and be calm. If you feel this part of planning is stressing you out too much, just go for a saree. It’s simple and all you have to worry about is the blouse. That too if you have your wedding in India, there are tons of tailors who can create blouses overnight. Hence you need not worry at all. In case some of your friend are not coming earlier than the wedding day you can even ask them to send their measurements and get the blouse pre-stitched and just figure out any alterations on the day.


Remember it’s just a wedding…so don’t get too serious…….have fun and let the planning flow. It does not matter even if every bridesmaid is dressed in a different colour or different style of outfit. All what matters is that they are a part of your big day!

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