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Escape to Kerala | Monsoon Honeymoon Destination


The land of lush green landscapes surrounded by pristine blue waters, ‘Gods Own Country –Kerala’ is a perfect destination for nature lovers for a romantic getaway. Apart from the surreal natural surroundings, this state has a lot to offer. Some of the must visit cities include, Alappuzha, Kovalam, Bekal, Palakkad, Munnar and Tekkady. Here are some of our favourite things to do when in Kerala.


The state is known for its numerous Ayurvedic spas which offer a range of signature treatments. Kerala is know for its 5000 year old tradition of practicing Ayurveda which has been passed down many generations and is today popular across India and internationally. This is the best way to unwind while on your honeymoon. Head for a couple spa and rejuvenate yourself with relaxing traditional oil massage.



It is a treat for seafood lovers; being a coastal state Kerala boasts of some of the most mouthwatering seafood and freshwater delicacies. The lavish use of coconut is seen in most of the local preparations as it is the most commonly grown fruit in the state. Do not miss the little fisher boats which sell the freshest catch including lobsters and crabs to all the houseboats. This is surely a good buy hence make sure you don’t miss this experience! The culinary team on the house boat will be glad to cook this to your preferred style.


While there are tons of options for non-vegetarians the vegetarians need not worry as there are plenty of vegetarian delicacies the state has to offer.


Go out on an all day fishing trip with the locals and come back with treasures. Many resorts and house boats will also offer to cook your catch for dinner the same day.



Spend a night or two on the houseboat sailing on the serene backwaters amidst the coconut palms and beautiful landscapes. This is one thing you must not miss. In case you can’t do this, the other option would be to sail on one of the sunset cruises through the canals of the backwaters.



Tea Plantations & Spice gardens

Take a stroll along the lovely terraced tea plantations in Munnar and enjoy the tasting sessions which some of the estates offer. You can also visit the famous spice gardens in Munnar and buy some freshly picked spices.


Elephant Bathing

If you like outdoor activities, this is something you must surely not miss! Enjoy one of the most unique experiences of bathing an elephant. This is an activity very unique to Kerala and this attracts a lot of tourists.



Kerala is blessed with heavy showers and hence you can experience some of the most wonderful waterfalls here during the monsoons. You can even spot lot of them while you drive along. Plunge under one of them to truly enjoy the monsoon in Kerala.


All in all, Kerala is a perfect romantic escapade and you will not regret choosing this as your honeymoon destination. We would love to hear about your honeymoon. You can also write a blog post for us about it!

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