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Wording your Wedding Invitations | Formal

Indian wedding invitations

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Your wedding invite is no doubt one of the most important pieces in your stationery suite.  Writing a wedding invite can get stressful especially when you plan to have a formal invite which needs you to follow a great deal of etiquettes. Wording the invite correctly may be one of the most difficult tasks.  Here are some tips on the things you need to keep in mind while wording a formal wedding invite.

Formal wedding invitations are always written in the third person, referring to the host. Firstly you need to decide who’s announcing the wedding whether it’s the parents or the couple themselves. The full name of the host must be included.

The opening line is very significant as it often conveys who is hosting the wedding and whom the couple would like to recognize. Formal invites do not have any punctuation other than after courtesy titles such as Mr. and Mrs. Capital letters are used to signify the beginning of new sentences and for proper nouns. Using abbreviations is a complete no – no! For formal wedding invites the time is spelled out like half past two (instead of 2:30 p.m.) also the numbers in the date are spelled out and follow the day of the week (example: Saturday, the second of July). It just looks so much better like this! Including the year is optional. If you wish to include the year, it must be spelled out (example: Two thousand and eleven)

fonts used for wedding invitations

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Do not use any contractions such as “don’t” instead use “do not”. Using phrases such as, “we request the pleasure of your company” or “would consider it a blessing if you could be present at the marriage of” give a very formal touch to the invite.

The hosts address must be printed on the envelope flap. This acts as the return address. Incase guests are unable to attend but wish to send a gift will use this address. The response envelope should have the hosts name and address.

More on how to word your wedding invitations coming up.

Printing R.S.V.P. (répondez s’il vous plait) details in the bottom left hand corner of the invitation is a must in case of formal wedding invites. Last but not the least, would be fonts. Choosing the correct font is very important as it will reflect your style.

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  1. Mita
    Posted September 12, 2011 at 1:07 pm | Permalink

    In the wedding invitation, Most of thing which is keep in the mind that is word phrase. We should not use ego type word in invitation. Word should be request type.

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