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Wild Garden Flowers For Your Indian Wedding

summer theme floral mandap

Its summer time once again and the streets and the skyline of Mumbai is abundant with flowers in full bloom painting the city in gorgeous colors of pinks, purples, oranges and yellows. These plants or trees start blooming in winter and are laden with full blooming flowers by summer. Since these flowers are pretty and abundantly available in the city during summer – which also makes them very cost effective – we thought of exploring them more for a perfect summer Indian wedding! Here are a few of these wild flowers that we would love to see in weddings.

summer pink indian wedding

Bougainvilleas: These desi pretty flowers are available in plenty in any garden and are relatively cheaper as well! These flowers grow in clusters and are found in brilliant hues of orange, pink, white and purple – very similar to the Indian wedding colors! A bunch of these flowers look very pretty as a table centerpiece or as a bouquet. These flowers however have a very short life span when out of water and need to be kept in water as much as possible. Imagine a wall full of full blooming Bougainvilleas as your backdrop – simply breathtaking!

Cassia Fistula at Indian wedding

Cassia Fistula: These flowers also called Kani-konna are Kerala’s state flower. The orchid like sprays of this tree is full of bright yellow flowers which are an important element in celebrations of the South Indian New Year Vishu. Like orchid sprays, these can be used as fillers or in submerged table centre pieces.

Queen's Crepe Myrtle at Indian weddings

Queen’s Crepe Myrtle is called the Pride of India and is also the state flowers of Maharashtra, locally known as “Taman”. The flowers exhibit a variety of colors, but pink-purple and white are the ones most commonly seen in Mumbai. The flowers have delicate crepe paper thin petals which is why it is named so. The white flowers look very similar to gypsophila or baby’s breath and can be used similarly.

Frangi Pani used at Indian weddings

The Frangipani or Plumeria, locally known as champa are not new in the wedding world as these are very popular for beach or tropical themed parties.

The Hibiscus is also a very beachy, island kind of flower and a combination of white Frangipanis and hibiscus flowers in shades of red, yellow, pink or white can be used for a for a perfect a beach themed wedding look.

Purple Orchid, also called the Kachnar or Bauhinia tree, are found in many of the city gardens. The flowers are purple in color, mildly fragrant and are also used as a substitute for orchids.

purple orchid used at Indian weddings

Also quite prominent in the city are Periwinkles, Copper Pods, Gulmohars, Jacarandas, Ixoras, which are seen abundantly lining roads and flourishing in gardens. The main attraction of these flowers is the brilliant shades of colors they exhibit.

unusual flowers for Indian wedding

Ixora flowers last well when picked and put into a vase with water while the copper pod does not fade even when it is fallen off or dry. These can be used as confetti, to line or cover aisles and walkways or for rangoli.

Cymbidium Orchid used at Indian weddings

The sprigs or stems with the flowers can be used as fillers in arrangements or in a floating candle submerged flower arrangement for your tables. The white and pink leaves of Musandas can be scattered on walkways while the red flowers of the Rangoon Creeper can be used as fillers along with other flowers.

summer pre wedding shoot

These plants and trees heavy with flowers forms a wonderful canopy or backdrop for an outdoor garden photo shoot before your wedding, for your photo booth or simply as your stage.

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    Its really cool flowers for wedding function.These plants and trees heavy with flowers forms a wonderful canopy or backdrop for an outdoor garden photo shoot before your wedding –

  2. Ragland Navamani
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    Great article.My Brother is getting married next month. We have booked Banquet Halls in Chennai.Sure you have given me an idea how to decorate banquet hall

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