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“What If?” – Biggest Wedding Day Fears

Muslim bride

We understand that the wedding day is a very special day and most couples, especially brides have been dreaming about this day for a very longtime. Behind all those dreams and expectations of having the perfect wedding are some nagging doubts and fears which every bride and groom goes through at some point between the engagement and the wedding. Here are some of common “What if” scenarios that most couples stress about during their wedding planning.

Indian bridal trousseau

In ceremonies including exchange of rings, a very common fear is losing or dropping the ring or even forgetting the rings at home! This is a major concern in western weddings where the marriage ceremony involves exchange of wedding rings which are generally carried by the bestman or a pageboy. If you know all your Hollywood movies, this is also one of those classic movie scenes! For the ring bearer, the best way to avoid this would be to carry the rings in a box or tie them with ribbons so that they don’t slip out of your hands. Asking someone to remind you before leaving for the wedding is also a good idea!

Indian bride walking down the isle

A recurring nightmare for every bride is the one where the wedding dress doesn’t fit her! Every bride feels that the dress won’t zip up when she wears it on the wedding morning or all the wedding stress has made her lose weight and the dress will be too big for her. Mostly a few pounds, lost or gained will either not make much of a difference in the fitting or can be easily rectified with some basic alterations. Monitor your diet and work out regimes, if you feel you are prone to drastic weight fluctuations.

Appearing photogenic on the wedding day – every bride is seen worrying about this particular fear a few days or weeks before the wedding. Wedding photographs and videos are something that will be preserved and visited for years to come. On your wedding day, you want to look and feel the radiant bride and portray the same in all forms of memories.  Therefore worrying about your face breaking out on your big day, dark circles due to lack of sleep, tired look, blemishes etc etc…is quite natural. To avoid any kind of major disasters, avoid experimenting with any new hair and skin products, few days before your wedding. Although unavoidable, try avoiding any kind of stress before your big day. Pamper yourself with spa treatments, rejuvenation treatments and massages to feel relaxed and glowing. And of course on the day itself, remember to keep smiling. A happy bride is a pretty bride.

Considering that every one of your guests is going to be scrutinizing you on your wedding day and that you and your better half is literally going to be in the spotlight for the entire duration of the ceremony, it is but natural to be nervous about the whole thing. The most common fear in this category is the fear of doing something silly – like tripping on the way down the aisle or forgetting your lines. The whole phobia takes on a new level when you are shy and are not comfortable being the centre of attention. The best way to overcome this is to take a deep breath, stop thinking about what will happen or what people will think and focus on the present.  Also helpful is asking someone you’re most comfortable with to stand ahead of you and maintain eye contact until you reach your spot.  Even better if you are looking into the eyes of your love!

RSVP wedding invites

It you have meticulously planned each and every detail of your wedding, another fear would be a no show situation – either by the guests or by one of the vendors. Ensure that at least 70 percent of your guests RSVP so that you know what to expect. Map out a time line with vendors and ensure that they are there on time and start work as per schedule. Always keep a back up incase your florist or the minister or some other vendor doesn’t turn up. Before fixing your date and the venue, research about any major festivals, events or holidays occurring before and after your dates as this will affect travel and accommodation costs and availabilities for your guests and vendors.

Indian wedding couple

The first dance as husband and wife is a very dramatic moment, which is captured on video, in photographs and is something that puts you in the spotlight. No wonder you have sweaty palms when it comes to the actual moment! What if you trip? What if you forget your steps? For those who have two left feet, this poses an even bigger challenge! In such cases, it is always better to practice before the actual performance. Enlist the help of a friend or a professional to teach you some basic steps. Select a song and a rhythm which you both are comfortable with and perhaps requires minimum steps! Brief you compere about when you would like the crowd to join in so that you are not the only couple on the dance floor.

Was there anything that you were most afraid of, on your wedding day? Do write in to us about your experience and advice.

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