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Wedding Trends- Trash the Dress

Wedding gowns getting all muddied up or soaked in the ocean water. It’s enough to give any bride recurring nightmares! Yet, a photo shoot after the wedding that involves the newly weds all donned up once again in their wedding attire posing in unusual places seems to be all the rage these days! This trend that sort of “ruins” the bride and groom’s wedding finery is popularly known as a “Trash-the-dress” photo shoot.

You may wonder why any sane person would want to ruin their wedding dress or suit? Well, the answer is for pure fun.  Such a trend may sound shocking to some since a bride’s wedding dress is one in which she publicly honors and celebrates her union with her partner. However, in the end the decision lies with the bride alone what she decides to do with “her dress” after she gets married.

So here’s where the fun part comes in. Imagine seeing a sepia-toned magazine photograph of a bride sitting in a wheelbarrow surrounded by crunchy golden autumn leaves. Better still; imagine her in her gorgeous white gown walking into the foamy ocean. Or perhaps hand-in-hand, the newly weds stand ankle deep, bare foot in the ocean facing a blissful sunset as both of them hold their respective shoes in hand! Makes for a very artistic photograph, one that belongs to a wacky but strangely romantic magazine photo shoot, doesn’t it? Well, this is exactly what newly wed couples are up to these days! A large number of couples are opting for professionally shot “trash-the-dress’ photo shoots these days. You can get really creative in this area, and the results can range from beautifully surreal to fun and lightness!

Most brides throughout the world love to go in for the “trash-the-dress” photo shoot after their wedding day. Besides, it’s not like they are totally going to destroy their precious dresses. Further, such fun photo shoots also throw up amazingly beautiful and unusual photos that can add a whole new and unusual element to your wedding album!

The Trash the Dress trend hasn’t really reached India yet. But, we have a feeling it will since pre-wedding shoots have become the norm of the day here! So a post-wedding shoot in whacky locations might just become a hit with the Indian brides, who love that hint of drama!

To leave you on a light and funny note, we came across a photograph by the ultra-surreal wedding photographer John Michael Cooper, who shot a bride with the entire back of her dress trailing fire! Totally extreme we think, and not really our cup of tea (we aren’t really fans of all things morbid, you see!) But, the point of Trashing the Dress sure got fulfilled. And, well the bride must surely have been happy with the outcome of photo shoot, if she actually agreed to do this!

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