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Wedding Stationery | Thank You Notes & Cards | Getting Started

thank you cards wedding

The wedding is done, the gifts have been opened and all you have to do is pack for your honeymoon right? Nope, wrong… Now is the time where you need to buckle down and do one last bit of wedding work – send out your ‘Thank You’ cards. Although it’s not a very common practice in Indian weddings yet, it is definitely one that is much appreciated and a good one to incorporate.

Thank you cards or notes are little messages that you send to your guests for the gifts they have given you and for their presence on your big day. While it may seem like it will be something that you can do in one sitting, writing and sending out cards to the hundreds of guests at your wedding can take a little bit of time, especially in Indian weddings where the guest list is generally quite large! One thing that will help you tremendously is to safeguard the list of your invitees and their contact details which you prepare during the wedding invitation phase. This will ensure that you have all the details on hand when it is time to send out the thank you notes.

Keeping the envelopes ready once all your guests have sent in their RSVPs, will also save you time later. Once you have your wedding stationery in place, don’t forget buying good quality pens. It’s horrible when the ink blots or smudges run all over your hard work and well thought of words! One way to divide the work up is have your hubby take care of his side of the family and friends and you tackle yours. If a friend or a family member is sweet enough to pitch in, then the more the merrier!

If you are confused about what to write don’t worry; it just has to be a short genuine thank you from you as a couple appreciating their presence at your wedding and/or thanking them for the wedding gift. Make sure you note down who gives you what gift when you open them, this way your card can be more specific and personalized (especially if the recipient is someone close to you). You can mention something like how you will use that gift in your new place or how you can enjoy it together the next time they visit. If you are short on time or it’s just an acquaintance, just a general thank you and short message will suffice.

You can definitely send out your cards after the honeymoon is done but try not to push it beyond the first couple of months. Stay tuned for more creative ideas for your thank you cards!

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