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Wedding Stationery Ideas I Getting Started

Did you know, before the printing press was invented, the town criers in England would orally announce the latest news including that of a wedding happening in the town! Now we have gorgeous wedding invites that we can send out to all our near and dear ones to be part of our special day. The wedding invitation is not just a way to invite guests anymore but sets the tone for the celebrations you have in mind. Also, the gamut of wedding stationery options available today let you announce your nuptials in style and create a lovely theme that carries over into your functions.

The wedding invitation is a formal invite that lets your guests know where and when you have decided to have your wedding. It also gives them a glimpse of what kind of wedding you are planning, how casual or formal, the style you have in mind etc. So there’s defintiely a lot to think about when you go about choosing your card. The numerous options available in different types of paper and colors are mind-boggling but also ensure that you will find exactly what you need representing your special day / days or then find someone who will make it for you.

wedding invitation

Customised and personal invites are exceedingly popular today. You can choose the print, the theme, logos, pictures and the aesthetic that will blend in with the day of your dreams. Another trend that’s increasingly popular is packageing your invitations along with other wedding notes and maybe a small gift, in a beautiful boxed invitation set. Invitations are indicative of the wedding itself as well as your personality so be as formal or quirky as you want the theme to be. Be as creative and make it as personalised as your budget allows. Talk to wedding stationery designers and your wedding planner in India to come up with something that is exclusively yours.

wedding invites

While the main wedding invitation is a given, but there are other wedding stationery items that you could include in your package. One such option is the ‘save the date  / days’  cards. These allow you to inform your guests of your wedding dates, timings and plans well in advance and are extrememly handy when you are inviting people from out of town or abroad. If you are having a wedding and different functions spanning over different days, make sure you print seperate cards so that you can invite specific people to specific functions. Consider including RSVP cards that your guests can use  ; these are not only conveneient for them but also let you figure out a ballpark number of people you can expect and make certain bookings for.

wedding stationery

Once you decide what kind of wedding invites you want and what colours styles etc., don’t forget the outer packaging. The envelope, box or whatever packaging you decide on is the first thing your invite recepients will see.

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