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Wedding Stationery Ideas – Getting Personal

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Once you get to deciding on the basic invitation cards, it’s time to start thinking of how you can make the whole wedding experience a lot more special. Well made wedding stationery allows you to add lovely, personal touches to your wedding events too. Not only can you carry over the theme of the wedding into your stationery but use wedding stationery to harmonise those special days.

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One such idea is printing a wedding program booklet. This could include not only the actual ceremony and event programme but other personalised touches like some information explaining the customs and significance of the ceremony itself. You could include notes on the other functions like the Mehendi or cocktail party as well. If you have songs, poems or hymns that are part of the ceremony or even the song that that you planning to have your first dance too, you could include these as well. Make sure the wedding booklet is in the same theme as your invite and the rest of the decor and ambience.

Another nice touch is having your personalised wedding stationery as part of your table settings, especially at a formal sit-down meal. Monogrammed tissues in your chosen colours and personalised name cards are great add ons. You could even consider placing a note to your guests or a card narrating your story as a couple, a romantic verse or even a beautiful picture of the two of you, along with the table centerpiece. Consider printing your menu for the table as well, along with a list of themed cocktails and other custom drinks you may have planned especially for your wedding.

There are a number of things you can do for out of town guests as well. You could print a booklet or newsletter containing iterinaries for all days, addresses, venue and hotel information, transport details and schedules etc. Include information on the locality they are going to be put up at as well as a few fun, touristy things they can do during their free time between functions. Another sweet touch is placing welcome notes or cards in their hotel rooms the day they arrive, maybe with some flowers, chocolates or a small gift. Your wedding planner should be able to help you with a few options.

These personal touches always create happy, well cared for  memories and will have everyone talking about your wedding for years to come. Don’t forget to thank your guests for their presents and presence at your wedding, with an appreciative ‘Thank You’ card!

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