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Wedding Signage | Pointing You In The Right Direction

wedding reception signage

Have you ever walked into a wedding venue, thinking it’s the one you’re supposed to attend, only to discover a few minutes later that your party is actually down the hall or through the next gate? Or have you wandered inside the venue trying to figure out the directions to the washrooms or wondering where the smoking section is? If you have done that, we’re sure you realize how helpful direction signs and name boards can be to guests.
Indian wedding signage

It always helps to have a sign at the entrance stating the names of the bride and groom just so your guests can be sure that they are entering the right venue. This is especially important when your venue is hosting multiple events on your wedding day. Traditionally, the welcome sign was very simple and consisted of letters spelling out the name of the bride and groom or the last names of the families. Today, this can be designed to coordinate with your theme and can bear the logo or motif present on your invites.

wedding signage

In case your guests have to walk through the venue to reach your main wedding area, it is advisable to have some sort of signage to point them in the right direction. If you have your wedding ceremony and reception in different areas of the same venue, you may want to keep the reception look under wraps till the wedding is over. To avoid guests attending your wedding to accidently stumble into your reception set up, you can have arrows guiding them along the path they need to take which will prevent them from going astray. It is very important that you indicate to your guests the directions to all areas of your venue especially washrooms, parking area and smoking area.

beverage signage at wedding

The food and bar signs should have name boards big enough to be read from across the hall. Instead of the boring food name cards, you can have decorative food tags on each of your food counters.

wedding photobooth signage

If you have specially arranged something for your guests and you wouldn’t want them to miss it then putting up signage is the best way to highlight and inform your guests about these activities.

This is also a good idea if you want to convey a message to your guests or want them to do something specific like encouraging them to dance, thanking them for coming to your wedding, picking up flip-flops for a beach wedding or collecting favors on their way out.

flipflops at wedding with signage

If you wish to reserve seating for certain people or would like your guests to be seated in a particular order (such as bride’s side & groom’s side), you can put up signs saying just that, to avoid tricky situations where you have to ask someone to shift from their seats.

Indian bridal party signage

Your signage doesn’t have to be simple arrows and words to point out directions but can be interesting enough for people to read and smile. These can be popular songs, catchy phrases, humorous one liners or even quotes talking about love and marriage.
You can use photo frames, wooden signposts, blackboards, cardboard cut outs and just about anything to make your signs extraordinary. We would love to know your ideas!

chalk board guestbook sign for wedding

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  1. Lissa
    Posted July 22, 2012 at 11:01 pm | Permalink

    Such helpful advice about wedding signage…plus great sample images!

  2. Zoya J
    Posted October 1, 2013 at 12:39 am | Permalink

    OMG these are amazing!!! could you put more welcome desk/easel types of posts up??

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