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Wedding Shopping in the Heart of India | Madhya Pradesh

Gwalior Fort in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh often referred to as, ‘The Heart of India’ has a rich cultural heritage and several cities in Madhya Pradesh are known for their extraordinary architecture and scenic beauty. The state is also a great shopping destination, and attracts a large number of tourists every year. The various textiles and weaves from this region form a rich part of India’s heritage.

 The Chanderi sarees which got its name from the small town where they are produced, are a combination of silk (warp) and cotton (weft).  They were patronized by the royalty due to their sheer elegance and rich designs. These sarees are usually available in pastel shades with lovely zari borders and motifs inspired by nature and the stunning temples of the town.

Chanderi sarees

Another known saree from the region is the Maheshwari saree. This saree too is named after the town where it is crafted. Weaved in both cotton and silk, these sarees are crisp and uniquely transparent with a subtle sheen to them. These were also donned by the royalty along with Chanderi sarees.

Some of the other popular art forms of Madhya Pradesh include, weaving of Tussar silk sarees. Tussar silk, also known as Kosa Silk, is valued for its quality and texture. It is known for its purity and is naturally available in earthy hues of pale-gold, honey, beige and cream. Ideal for auspicious wear, these sarees look very elegant when draped.

A part of the state also weaves khadi fabrics since cotton is the primary crop grown in the region. They spin beautiful yarns using Maheshwari techniques and use only organic cotton.

Maheshwari cotton saree

All the above mentioned weaves are unique to the region and we recommend every bride to pick up atleast one of each of the traditional weaves for her bridal trousseau. The Chanderi sarees in pastel hues would be perfect for a day event like a mehendi or even a day wedding!

Apart from weaving, some of the other finer arts from the region include Dabu printing, Zardosi work and bell metal craft.

Madhya Pradesh bell metal craft

Shop for home furnishings crafted out of bell metal or a Dabu printed bedsheet for your home. ‘Dabu’ is a process which involves dabbing a mixture of wax and reisin to certain portions of the fabric using a blockor by hand. Then colour is applied on to it and the wax is washed off in hot running water. This gives a diffused effect and then block printing is done on areas where the colour is retained.

Dabu Print Madhya Pradesh

Zardosi is a kind of hand embroidery done on silk sarees. This art is quite famous in Madhya Pradesh. It is crafted using gold platted wire and the work displays the richness of the garment.

Zardosi work

Zardosi work has become an indispensable part of the Indian bridal couture. The handicraft requires a lot of patience and skill and thus zardosi embroidered products are expensive.

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