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Wedding Shopping in Paradise on Earth | Kashmir!

So here it is! The first in our series of Indian wedding shopping posts to get you started on shopping for your wedding around India – explore this diverse country and what each state has to offer! We begin with the beautiful state of Kashmir…

Kashmir is a shoppers’ paradise; shop for various home décor elements and some exclusive Pashmina and Shahtoosh stoles for your wedding trousseau. Kashmir is known for these exceptional shawls. Pashmina is spun from the fur of Ibex- a mountain goat found on the highlands of Ladakh. It takes 5 -12 months to hand embroider one Pashmina and hence they are expensive. They are available in pastel shades with exquisitely embroidered paisley or floral motifs.

Pashmina stoles for wedding trousseau

Shahtoosh on the other hand are a kind of a stole; very light but extremely warm. They are also known as ring shawls for their ability to pass through a ring. They are crafted using the fur of Tibetian Antelopes and are sinfully expensive because of the scarcity of the raw material. These shawls are rarely dyed and are available in earthy tones such as grey or brown.  You can pair a Shahtoosh shawl with anything. It definitely is a good buy!

Persian carpets from Kashmir
The handmade carpets from Kashmir are also quite famous. The art was acquired by Persian immigrants and till date you can find Persian influences in the designs and colours. You can spice up your indoor spaces with these royal carpets or rugs since they are available in various sizes.

Walnut wood furniture  Kashmir

Walnut wood furniture is another famous craft from Kashmir. Pick a lovely hand-crafted chest or a nice jewellery box with motifs of Lotus, Chinar leaves and so on.

Papier mache gift boxes from Kashmir

Papier mache is one of the most popular crafts practiced in Kashmir. Pick a range of home décor products like papier mache vases or lamps or even gift boxes. You can pick a few of these as giveaways for your mehendi. They are available in lovely colours and you can always add some smaller gifts in it like a pair of earrings or so.


Also pick up some local embroidered cushion covers or bed covers. The embroidery is done in pastel shades and the designs are inspired by nature and include motifs of flowers, creepers and chinar leaves.

Apart from this, Kashmir is also known for growing one of the most amazing and unique spice – Saffron.  Stock up your new kitchen and start preparing some sinful Indian desserts! Hope you enjoyed this post and if you would like to contribute towards more tips on shopping in Kashmir, do drop us a line.

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