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Wedding Registry Basics | Choose What You Will Use!

Tiffany wedding gift registry

Dreading a big pile of boring wedding gifts? Wedding registries are becoming increasingly popular in South Asian and Indian weddings. Picking out a gift selection for yourself from online and / or physical stores can make the entire wedding gifting process easier for you and your guests and can be extremely fun as well.

 Of course when faced with a vast selection of products ranging from appliances to home décor articles etc., it is easy to see how couples can go totally overboard. However, just as you don’t want to be saddled with yet another unattractive crockery set (a favourite in our Indian shaadis!); you don’t want to end up with loads of products, albeit of your own choosing, that you won’t use either!

vintage plates and cups for gift registry

Here are a few tips that can help you figure out how to put together a wedding registry that has a great mélange of practical products as well as fun stuff you just have to have:

Firstly take inventory of all the products that you might already own, especially if you or your partner has a place of your own. Very often we have all the household basics that that need not be replicated in a registry. Sometimes it’s easy to succumb to the lure of new shiny, things; but you can save the space and your guest’s money for something fresh, unique and useful!

pink Le Creuset for wedding gift registry

It is vital that you take your lifestyle into account when selecting registry items. Don’t select things that you would not use in your day to day life, like a fancy coffee maker when you rarely drink coffee or traditional wedding china when you would love a snazzy new bar set instead. Browse through your options at leisure and don’t succumb to the pressure of creating a ‘traditional’ registry.

If there aren’t too many products that you want or need, you can also check if stores you like have a gift card option, or you can do something more offbeat and request your guests to contribute to your travel fund or a charity instead.

Remember your wedding registry is for your life together as a couple; so try and create a varied mix of stuff both you and your partner would like and enjoy!

Zara Home wedding registry

Also, do be considerate of your guests and have registry items in varied price ranges and try and follow up with a thoughtful ‘thank-you’ note after!

Are you considering a wedding registry? Let us know how you are creating your dream wish-list.

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