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Wedding Planning | Get Involved!

Wedding Decorator in Mumbai

Hiring a wedding planner to plan your wedding, does not mean you can’t get involved in planning your own wedding. It only means that the planner can help you with areas, which you may not expertise in such as negotiating costs, suggesting the best vendors in town and making sure that you remain calm and stress free!

 Though wedding planners are happy to help you with everything, you can always get involved in planning certain aspects of your wedding; especially some brides know just what they want… like certain areas such as décor or linen or even food. Here are some fun ideas on how you can get yourself involved yet not be stressed about it!

The first thing to remember is, just pick the areas which you can absolutely associate with. Like for example, if you are a very tech savvy bride and are always keeping up with the latest technology, you might find it interesting to create your own wedding website as opposed to asking your wedding planner to help you out with it. The motto is to enjoy the process and de-stress by doing something you love. Most importantly remember, don’t take too much on yourself!

In case you want to do something special such as personalized giveaways, it’s a great idea but may not be practical to do it for the wedding where you may have over a hundred guests. We suggest, pick a function such as mehendi or your bachelorette where you will have fewer guests and it’s easier to do something like that rather than thinking you can do it for the wedding or reception and then stressing about finishing it on time. Also with a fewer guests, you can pay attention to detail.

You could create special elements for smaller and intimate functions such as, design special cushion covers in sync with the theme, or make badges for close family members for a function. If you are into fashion, you could pick up return gifts for mehendi such as dupattas or sarees for gifting your relatives and friends.

dupatas for mehendi function

Another thing to do would be write thank you cards yourself. This is something very personal and you may want to write personalized messages to your guests. Drafting the copy for your wedding card in case you don’t wish to go with the traditional formal format is also a great idea.

If you have out of town guests, you could always put together a basket with goodies and information, which might make their stay more comfortable. You can actually hand pick the goodies you wish to include in the basket and add a personal note on to it. Like for example if it is a shower gel you absolutely love, you can put a note saying, must try!

indian-wedding gift bags

If you love music, you can compile a list of your favourite tracks, which you definitely want to play at your function and share it with the DJ as opposed to the DJ choosing his favourite tracks and making a song list for you. In case you are good at graphic design, you could design your wedding stationery or create your wedding logo!

Another fun thing to do if you party a lot and know your drinks well would be to create a signature cocktail or mocktail for your functions.

DIY signature cocktails for Indian wedding

Making or shopping for some for photo booth props along with your close friends is a great way to get involved in your wedding planning. The top most thing on our list would be to create a personalized guest book…this one will be timeless and fun!

Wedding Photo booth ideas

There are tons of ways for you to get involved in planning your wedding. It could be as small as giving your view on something or actually taking up something to do it on your own, despite having a wedding planner to assist you. We think it’s a great thing to do….so happy planning to all the creative brides!!

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