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Wedding Invites Now and To Come…

traditional wedding invites

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Traditionally wedding invites were an important piece of information which carried all the details relating the wedding but wedding invites have changes and evolved with time. With couples getting involved at every stage of the planning and having a clear idea of how they want their wedding invite to look, wedding invites are getting more and more creative and interesting.

Colours: Couples are moving away from the traditional golds and maroons and are now option for unconventional colour palates. The colours are chosen in line with the wedding theme and the trend is to use a range of contrasting colours.

quirky wedding invites

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Patterns and motifs: Incorporating quirky patterns and designs on the wedding invite is in!! This could be anything from a simple self print to add a slight texture to the card or a unique motif designed exclusively for the couple.

Printing techniques: Couples are opting for unique printing methods and use a combination of styles to make their wedding cards unique. Some of the uncommon printing styles which are gaining popularity are embossing, silk lamination, thermography, debossing, letter press, silk screening and foil printing.


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Fonts: Couples are also laying stress on choosing the right font. Depending on the wedding style the fonts may vary .Like for example for a beach wedding invite the font would be more casual and fun where as for a formal wedding reception the font would be more block or formal.

Monograms:  Monograms help in personalizing the wedding. Couples are getting monograms designed with their initials and using them on all wedding stationery.

Wrapping: Traditionally not much stress was laid on the cover or wrapping of the invite. It used to be just a simple envelope. Wrapping has evolved over time. Envelopes are still used but they are more chic. Also there other variants which are commonly used like a sleeve or a pocket or even a box which can carry a small gift along.

Bejewelled: Some couples opt for a simple card with good paper quality and spice it up with Swarovski studded crystal brooch or feathers or any such interesting elements.

wedding invitation cards formal

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Envelopes:  Dual colour envelopes in unusual sizes are in vogue; especially with weddings. No longer are couples opting for the standard envelope sizes which were quite common earlier.

Paper: There are numerous paper options available today as opposed to a limited choice earlier. Couples also understand the importance of selecting the right kind of paper. The paper quality can directly affect the printing hence couples are taking advice from designers are opting for a paper quality which would support the printing style chosen by them.

Styles: The traditional square and rectangle sizes are out.  Pop- out cards, three dimensional cards and dye cut cards are gaining popularity.

On the whole, wedding invitations will only get better and bigger with time. Do get in touch with us should you need any help. We at Marry Me – wedding planners can assist you with creating the most unique wedding cards.

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