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Wedding Ideas | Livin’ It Up

 Your wedding day is no doubt extremely special. So an addition to all the lovely details and wedding décor ideas, don’t forget to also incorporate some cool and funky wedding ideas. Here are some tips, which will definitely make it a fun time!!

Camera Corner or Photo Booth

Photo-booth at wedding

Image Courtesy : Amelia-Tarbet

Wedding celebrations means a lot of happy moments, which means a whole lot of pictures. Instead of sticking to the age old camera and video guy, why not give your guests a chance to click some pictures? All you need to do is set up a photo booth with a basic background, various props and a camera. You can either attach a camera to a laptop or projector so the pictures can be viewed instantly or if your budget allows it, a full-sized photo booth would be simply ideal and vintage too! Oh and don’t forget to props to make the pictures even more fun!

Disposable Cameras

disposable camera wedding

Weddings are usually chaotic and there is a lot happening all across the room. It is not possible for your wedding photographer to capture all these picture perfect moments. Disposable cameras are the best option to capture all those fun and memorable pictures for you to cherish and at the same time entertain your guests. This is a very unique idea and can also be used to capture moments leading up to your big day such as the bridal shower, the bachelorette and bachelor parties and even dress fittings, the rehearsal dinner, and finally on the reception tables. In this way, you will have all your guests being a part of your wedding album and also have various options of photographs taken from every conceivable angle and situation to choose from.

Ethnic Dances

ethnic dancers at Indian weddings

The best part of ethnic dances is that it involves large groups of people, dancing and shouting together to a common rhythm or music. These are ideal for having a blast on the dance floor on your wedding day. Bollywood style and bhangra are some popular options, which will pull your crowd into a festive mood.

Themed Tables

themed tables wedding

Image Source :

Swap the monotonous trend of table numbers and consider naming your tables with unique, funny names. You can name the tables around important places or events, which played a significant role in your love story. Instead of giving a speech about how you met your spouse, you can spice up things by involving your guests in the story telling. For instance, put together a list of important landmarks in your relationship (like the how you met, the proposal, meeting the family, first gift, first date etc) and hide an envelope containing clues (can be words or pictures) somewhere on the table itself. Your guests can make up a story based on these clues, which they can later share with everyone. This allows you to really share bits of your lives together with your guests.


Pinatas used at weddings

Image Source :

Traditionally, pinatas were filled with candy and hung in the air for fiestas and children were blindfolded and given turns at hitting the piñatas, to release the candy. This fun and festive activity can be twisted to suit your wedding celebrations. You can also fill it up with wedding-themed candies, trinkets or even fortune cookies with naughty one liners depending on the occasion of course!! Do let us know if you managed to incorporate any of our wedding ideas & if you have any new ones do not forget to click on our got an idea page!

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