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Wedding Gift Ideas for Partners

The time before and during your wedding can be super hectic; so hectic in fact that many brides and grooms often just don’t have the time to connect with and appreciate each other. It’s no wonder that couples nowadays try to give each other special meaningful wedding gifts that are often symbolic of starting a married life together. Sometimes in Indian weddings, customs dictate what and how much you gift during the wedding, but even if that’s the case make sure you do a little something extra for your spouse to be. Here are some wedding gift ideas:

For your Groom:

Interest based gifts make the best gifts and can be a fun bonding experience for the both of you. Tickets to a game he has been waiting for, a mini holiday or even a adventurous tour in a wild life safari or a fun kayaking trip make for fun gifts. You could even arrange for scuba-diving lessons, a wine-tasting tour or a buy a subscription of his favourite magazine…the point is to get him something he will truly enjoy and if you can enjoy it with him, all the better! Another popular gift that women tend to pick up for their boys is monogrammed ties, personalized cuff-links, electronics; you could buy your groom something he has been lusting after and has just entered the market like the latest phone or a home theatre system.

If the wedding has wiped you out financially (as it often does), fret not! There are loads of ‘do it yourself’ gifts you can give your hubby to be. A gift like a mixed CD of his all time favourite tracks or his favourite bottle of wine and a candle-light meal could also do the trick. Another cute idea is to fill a big jar with chocolates and little ‘coupons’ he can redeem promising him favours like a massage, a no-nag day, boy-time etc. Be as sweet or naughty as you desire.  A little creativity can go a long way, even if your purse is empty.

Classic gifts like ties, clothes, shoes, cologne etc. are a good stand-by option or if you haven’t known your groom for too long (as in the case of some arranged marriages). You can make it special with small touches like a monogramming or putting a sweet picture of you two in a leather wallet.

For your Bride:

Women are normally pretty good at dropping hints about what they would like…but if you are still very confused, jewellery is safe bet. While it’s always nice receiving a classic piece like a diamond ring or a pearl necklace, try and put some extra thought into it and buy your wife something indicative of her personality – like a pair of funky anklets, a nice bracelet or a big stack of bangles. Another option could be a lovely handbag or purse that your partner has been dying to buy. If need be ask her best friend for help choosing one she would love.

wedding gift for a bride


If your budget is tight, a lovely personalized gift can be both romantic and affordable. Romantic gestures like a handwritten love letter or framing a picture of the two of you, are nice gifts and also easy on the wallet. Even something like a frame with the lyrics of ‘your’ song or a candlelight dinner cooked by you doesn’t cost much but can be very special. If you know how to play a musical instrument composing a special song for your honey can be an extremely swoon-worthy gift!

Last but not the least; an ‘experience’ makes the best kind of gift. You could book her a relaxing spa session or an exciting bungee-jumping session. Plan a surprise holiday to a place she loves or one that she really wants to visit or even a romantic international cruise trip if your budget permits. Contact your wedding planner in India for great wedding gift ideas.

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