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Wedding Decoration Themes and Ideas That You Should Try!

Wedding planner in india

Gone are the days when you would use a certain and just a bunch of colours to ‘decorate’ a wedding hall. Now, couples want their wedding to be extremely special. Couples and their families are often on the lookout for good wedding decorators in India, who have ample knowledge about different decoration themes. Meanwhile, if you are looking for inspiration, try these wedding decoration themes and ideas for help!

Miniature flowers on a Beach theme

It’s popular and certainly customizable. Miniature flowers, limited floral and a canopy works the best if you are looking for a beach theme that highlights natural beauty and picturesque landscapes. Choose a wedding planner in Goa that can provide such a romantic setup for the wedding.

Lush Ceremony Steps

Seriously, the decoration can be a masterpiece for the wedding. Consider lush wedding steps- the area where the bride and her family will enter from. The theme could include lots of green, which is accentuated through the use of lush white colours on the ceremony steps. This design looks the best near a water body, such as a small lake or a pond. Otherwise, add extravagance through flowers and bulbous domes on the either side. Use white for grandeur.

Transparent archways

Those getting married in spring-time can always have transparent archways with beautiful, vibrant flowers on the stage or near the area of ‘pheras.’ They can also include this archway in case of a Church wedding. Make sure that you uplift the décor theme through the use of mason jars for lights or stunning chandeliers.

Overlooking the Ocean

One of the most refreshing decoration themes. Use a step for the bride by carving the entire thing in sand. That shall be fun and quite whimsical!

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  1. Nishant
    Posted July 28, 2015 at 1:55 pm | Permalink

    I really liked the all the tips and images specially being weddings which good looking and memorable which tells the scene of the marriage. FNP wedding are also the best wedding planner and decorator in Delhi, India.

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