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Wedding Decor Ideas & Themes : Love Birds

 bird themed Indian wedding

Have you ever thought of having a bird themed wedding and wondered how to go about it?? Here is our take on this unique theme which remains unexplored in the Indian wedding market. There are tons of ways for bird lovers to incorporate birds in their wedding theme; right from your save the date till your honeymoon

To start with, think about your save the date. How do you want to incorporate the birds in this? There can be two ways to do it; one being a printed card having some element of bird in the design, be it a feather or a cute bird motif and the second could be a bird themed gift with details of the wedding date. For example a bird shaped salt pepper shaker or a bird shaped bookmark with information or you can go with a cute DIY idea. We liked the idea of a little stuffed bird in a small nest with a message tag…so cute!

wedding card with birds

birds as part of wedding favors

Moving on to the invitations, a love bird theme will be perfect. It’s not necessary to have birds on your invite for a bird themed wedding. It could even be elements related to birds which you may love. Like for example, bird cages.

bird cages used by marry me weddings

Bird cages make stunning props for décor. You can use them in various innovative ways to make your venue look beautiful. You can have floral arrangements in the cages and place them on tables as center pieces or hang them from trees with fairy lights in them.

flowers used in bird cages in india

Here is an interesting way to have a real bird for your bird themed Indian wedding – The tarot reader parrot! Oh we so love this idea…super fun to keep kids and guests entertained at the wedding.

parrot used at indian weddings

There are tons of areas where you can incorporate the bird theme if you wish to; like having your wedding itself at a bird sanctuary, having bird shaped confetti, your bridesmaids gifts could also revolve around the same theme like bird cage pendants etc.

bird cutouts from musical notes for wedding

small birdcage from Marry Me The Store

You can end your wedding ceremony in a very lovely way by releasing a pair of doves which symbolize peace, love and new beginnings.

leaving doves at Indian wedding

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