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Wedding Checklist | Finding A Pandit For Your Indian Wedding



Hindu weddings are holy ceremonies and include numerous rituals and religious ceremonies. If you are planning on having such a ceremony it is necessary to find a Pandit or priest to officiate and perform your wedding ceremony. The Pandit or priest is one of the most important vendors per se you will need to find and book for your Indian wedding, since you will not only need one for the wedding ceremony itself but for other Pujas, havans etc. that you may decide to have.

Often couples decide to work with their family or community temple Pandits who they or their family members may be familiar with. Whether you decide to go with someone known or are on the look out for a Pandit to conduct your ceremony, there are certain things you need to keep in mind:

  1. Firstly find out whether the Pandit in question can conduct the kind of ceremony you want. Ask if the ceremony can be modified to what both sets of families may want included or excluded.
  2. Remember to ask if the ceremony can be modified to the time frame you have in mind. Also, check for the order of events.
  3. If he is required for any pre or post wedding Pujas at home then find out the availability.
  4. With interfaith weddings on the rise it’s important to know if and how your Pandit will perform these ceremonies. Also check if he will translate certain portions so the couple and guests can understand the true significance of those words.
  5. The ceremonies, Pujas and various other rituals need a variety of ingredients like rice, sandalwood, coconuts etc. It is important to find out whether the priest will arrange for all the necessary items so you are not caught off guard or stuck during the wedding.
  6. Do check if the Pandit will make his own travel and accommodation arrangements or require you to do so, especially in the case of an out of town event. Also check if these arrangements will be needed for his assistants, if any.
  7. Lastly get a clear idea of the charges involved, so you have it ready on the day!

Always work with someone you are comfortable with since this person will be in charge of performing one of the most important events in your lives!

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