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Wedding Checklist | Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake

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After going through your wedding checklist am sure you have decided on the ‘big’ tasks like finding the perfect wedding venue, shopped for your wedding outfit, chosen your wedding decorators, caterers and the like; now it’s time for one of the tastiest parts of your wedding planning process – choosing your wedding cake! Traditionally a largely Western practice, most couples in India too are opting to cut their very own wedding cake to sweeten the start of their journey together.

Many brides have a vision of what they want their wedding cake to look like for e.g. a traditional white tiered creation or an unusual colourful cake. If you haven’t thought of it, it’s a great idea to look at magazines or websites to get a basic idea of what you want your cake to look like. Choosing a flavor and the tastings are definitely the fun parts; this is time when you can give yourself some much deserved wiggle room if you are on a wedding countdown diet! Talk to your groom about what flavors he would like and you can come up with a common favourite or even have different layers with fillings and flavors that you both love. You can also opt for two different cakes like the soon to be royal newlyweds.

Your wedding cake can reflect the mood and type of wedding you are planning to have. A more formal wedding calls for something more elaborate or classic whereas with a more casual do you can experiment with and have a little fun. Look at different shapes, structures and decorative elements. Multitier cakes strewn beautifully with fresh or edible flowers, fresh fruits and yummy white or chocolate frosting designs are always popular. If you want different tiers but without the ‘classic’ feel a new relaxed way to do it is by having layers of cupcakes, tarts or assorted pastries. Humorous cakes or humorous cake toppers are also a nice way to add a touch of both your personalities!

You could get your cake made in the colour scheme at your wedding or pick up the designs from the décor, clothes or the wedding invitations. Another lovely option is having your cake reflect a moment, place or some other thing that is special in your and your hubby’s lives together, like the skyline of your favourite city, foliage from your loved natural spot, colours from your favourite sports team, a lovey-dovey picture etc. One way to keep it all budget friendly or if you don’t want one massive cake, is having a smaller special decorated cake that you will cut together and separate slices provided by the cake maker to be served to all the guests.

Another important aspect- choosing your baker or pastry chef. Talk to your wedding planner and friends and family for references. Always talk to your baker about your needs regarding number of guests, size, workmanship and budget. Find out whether they will deliver it and how and when. Ask about payment options and advance payments. Keep in mind that custom designed cakes will most likely cost a little more, regardless of who is making it; but having something uniquely your known is a sweet way to celebrate the start of your marriage.

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